Monday, January 27, 2014

Challenge Conqueror: Gold

From left: Ponder, Swaty, Feilei, Kinlai (me), Ilienasan and Simelda

Congrats on a job well done on the Challenge Modes! I'm very happy we decided to do them, it's been so much fun. :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Challenge Mode Gear

I've been tanking challenge modes lately with some friends from my guild. We have 6 gold medals so far, with 3 to go. I'm looking forward to getting the title, the mount and the pet for the guild vendor. But most of all I really want the transmog set.

Regal Lord Armor with
Preened Tribal War Feathers
and Crab-Leather Tabi

It's been a very fun experience, kind of like a mini-raid. They haven't been as difficult as we thought they would be. We've had a hard time in some that are considered easy, and we've breezed through others that are considered difficult. I would very much recommend everyone to try them out!