Friday, August 8, 2014

Monk Group Photo

I did "Herald of the Titans" with my fifth monk, Zenja, before I took my break. I bought a game card a couple of weeks ago, and found her in Jade Forest as level 85. The other day she reached level 90, and I've spent some time on Timeless Isle and in the raid finder with her. It's really nice seeing that I still remember all the monk moves so well. Yay for muscle memory. :-)

With all these monks, I figured it would be fun with a group photo! I've been very proud of the fact that I've actually managed to choose different face options for all five monks. :) (I actually have a sixth one that is only level 14 that has a sixth face!) But now I see that I seem to have unknowingly picked a favorite hair colour... (I knew about the favorite skin colour already.)

Say hi!

From left: Elyn (mistweaver/windwalker) - Shunbi (mistweaver/windwalker) - my main: Kinlai (brewmaster/windwalker) -  Ninasan (windwalker/brewmaster) - Zenja (windwalker/brewmaster)
The transmogs shown here aren't the same as they're wearing on live, as I wasn't able to load gear from Mists of Pandaria in my Modelviewer.

Anyone else level same class over and over? And even keep the same race, like me?

Have a great friday!