Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Laeleiweyn - the Draenei Hunter

Hi :)

So I've downloaded Fraps and played around with Windows Movie Maker for a couple of weeks. I made a presentation of my hunter, Laeleiweyn. The movie isn't done or any good at all, but if I ever was gonna publish it, I just had cut through and say "that's enough!". Next time I make a movie I'll actually find a theme and think it through a little in advance. :p

About the hunter Laeleiweyn: I started playing World of Warcraft in August 2007. I decided to buy the Burning Crusade Expansion right away as I was very interested in the draenei race. Not being used to playing MMO's, I liked the idea of having a pet as company on my lonely travels around this new world, so the class of choice became hunter. It took quite some time to get from level 1 to level 70 in those days. This was before heirloom gear and the major nerfs Blizzard gave leveling speed and although I played a lot, I didn't reach 70 before Christmas time 2007.

I leveled as Beast Master, liking the idea of making my pet as strong as possible to defend us both. In Burning Crusade Beast Masters were very powerful as well, so I stayed with this spec.

I'll be the first to admit it; I was a complete noob (perhaps even a huntard?). I didn't understand what a dungeon/instance was until I was over level 30 (I agreed to help someone in Deadmines at level 30-something, but wiped the entire party as I sent my pet a bit too far...), I wasn't used to be in groups at all (what's this "tanking" thing, my pet can handle most things AND the two of us can down almost everything by ourselves), and doing ordinary 5mans, heroics and eventually even raids got me really really nervous.

So I started doing daily quests (fishing, cooking, Sha'tari Skyguard, Netherwing and eventually Shattered Sun Offensive (I was Jewelcrafter)) and pvp. Grinded battlegrounds for Gladiator's and Vindicator's gear. Got pretty good at it as well, finding myself at top of the list of "most damage done" most of the time. Being at the top of the list is something I still strive for. :D My favorite bg was Alterac Valley, probably cause of the pve-aspect of it. After getting full epic gear I realized the only upgrades and new goals I could get would be either arena or raiding, so I left my hunter stabled for a while, leveling three new draenei women; the shaman Nordlys, the paladin Ohmy and the priest Thealy.

The Wrath of the Lich King expansion came. I leveled my hunter to 80, but found myself doing low damage compared to what I was used to in bc, and also compared to other classes. Online communities gave me the answer: Survival was the spec to be now. This was hard to swallow. After giving my pet almost all talent points and attention, he would suddenly get none of either? I respecced, but didn't like it at all, so my hunter was stabled once more. I cleared most pve-content with my shadowpriest, then the same with enh/resto shammy and prot pally, and finally it was about time to get the good old hunter out again. Reading Elitist Jerks, using maxdps.com, add-on Pawn and the program Rawr I learned what this (for me) new Survival spec was all about. Starting to emphasize the right gear/stats my dps started going up. And once again Lae is the character of choice to bring to different things. I also started working through achievements on her, now on 4500+ achievement points. (Really unfair that I don't have any bg achievements though, the way I grinded them in BC! I don't even have "Victory in Alterac Valley"...)

Game is getting quiet now, people have cleared most things and lots of active players are taking breaks. It will be interesting to see what happens with the game.

Cya in-game,

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