Sunday, May 6, 2012

Engineer Laeleiweyn

After a long discussion with myself in my last post, I've now spent days on leveling mining on an alt while gathering materials, and today I've leveled Engineering 0-525! I'm really excited about all these fun new gadgets I have!
I was already collecting teleport devices; and now I've added three new ones; Toshley's StationGadgetzan and Northrend.
I have two new mounts; Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.
I've added Parachute, Nitro Boosts and Synapse Springs to my gear.
I have a Portable MailboxJeeves and a Gnomish Army Knife!

And I have awsome goggles. :) I'm disappointed I can't make all mail ones though, I didn't know I could only make the agility ones before I started. I was planning on using the 359-intellect ones for a transmog, cause I really love blue. So I will have to rethink my fashion plans. ;) Still, I'm overall happy with the change! :)

Mail goggles that aren't available for hunters


  1. Congrats! I recently levelled ENG on my Pali alt mostly for the gadgets and mog gear for my costumes (when I can't wear them on my Priest) :)

  2. Anonymous7/5/12 23:44

    Nice! Everyone who has engineering seems to love it yet I've never been able to level it on a single toon. I think I got it to 150ish a while back and then switched to something else. Maybe the next toon I level will be an engineer. You've inspired me, Lae! :D

  3. Of the four, I like the Mechanized Snow Goggles best. The gadgetry in the left is a bit off, but it looks good.

    Of course I prefer the Steamworker's Goggles. ;-)

    1. I prefer the Surestrike ones of these, but they're all pretty damned cool. :) Would really like the 359 intellect ones though... :/ And you look awsome in you Steamworker's Goggles ofc. :D