Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Amazing Zen Flight

What made me fall in love with the monk in the first place was the badass moves, the Peak of Serenity, the cool sounds the badass moves made and the mobility I got with Roll. Digging deeper into the specs I really fell for Clash, Flying Serpent Kick and Xuen. <3

On beta I had bought all glyphs from the Flaskataur, so I tried out the minor glyph Zen Flight a little; flying around the pond in Stormwind while meditating on a cloud. It was neat enough, but I had kind of forgotten about it until I got the glyph again last week, and a guild mate told me that he could fish while in Zen Flight. I really really hate getting interrupted in my fishing by patrolling mobs, so I decided I had to do some testing.

Zen Flight can be used while moving. Even while falling down. :)
Zen Flight can’t be used in combat.
Zen Flight can’t be used at Sunsong Ranch (error says you can’t use it while stealthed).
Zen Flight can be used while fishing; close to the water or far up in the air.
Zen Flight can be used while Hearthstoning.
You can mount up while in Zen Flight, even in midair.
You don’t get “dismounted” from Zen Flight when you pick up quest items.
You can be in Zen Flight and mine, herb and do Archaeology!

I have to admit Zen Flight isn’t the only ability that I haven’t fully explored, so now I’m hoping I will get more pleasant surprises. It HAS only been a month, so I never expected to know everything in and out. But I want to eventually know the entire spellbook so well that I can play at my highest potential and use all the utilities that I have. That means I should check out my bottom action bar the coming week, and see if I can find a use for Transcendence, Healing Spheres, Blossoms, Crackling Jade Lightning etc.


I’m in the clouds! Fishing...


  1. I don't know if you're raiding, but if you are, try using transcendance on Feng the Accursed in the 3rd phase.

    It's a fairly good way to get close to the boss quickly as long as you know where it will be tanked.

    1. Thanks, I'll try that. :-) As it has a cast time I feel it's a bit clunky, and the range isn't very far either, so I've been sticking to Roll and Flying Serpent Kick. But I'll definitely gonna look more into it.

      Only doing Raid Finder so far on my monk, while my hunter gets to do normal modes.