Sunday, March 24, 2013

Purple draenei monk transmog: Input needed

After being a monk for six months, and transmogging to what I think a monk would wear; simplistic and/or functional gear, I feel like it's time to "get back to my roots" and try the draenei twist. Problem is, while there are some really cool and spacey weapons in Outland, equally spacey gear is not that common.

This is what I have managed to put together so far:

Kinlai in purple transmog with Crystalfire Staff

Shoulders: ___________
Chest: Raging Spirit Harness (quest in Hellfire Peninsula)
Hands: _____________
Waist: Girdle of Treachery (Karazhan)
Legs: Retainer's Leggings (Scryers Revered)
Feet: _____________
Twohander: Crystalfire Staff

Before I start breaking my own heart with working on the Scryers-reputation*, I need to fill the missing pieces in the plan. If anyone has any input on what shoulders and gloves would look good with this, please let me know! And boots of course, but at least there is always the option of invisible boots.

Here are some more greatlooking staves from Draenor:

Kinlai with Apostle of Argus.
There is a red version of this called
Vengeful Gladiator's War Staff.
Kinlai with Staff of the Redeemer

Other goodlooking staves are Ethereum Life-Staff (blue) and Crystalheart Pulse-Staff (red). It's important to note that a monk will carry these "the wrong way", so they look a bit off. Just like Archon Glaive from Trial of the Crusader.

* Draenei characters start out Friendly with Aldor and Hated with Scryers. After leveling through Azuremyst and Bloodmyst and heavily considering oneself as a pure draenei, it is actually very tough to see the Aldor draenei being hostile towards one... My second character (shaman) in Burning Crusade to hit 70 did this, and I still feel a bit uncomfortable thinking about it.



    1. Thanks for the very nice suggestions!