Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Death Knight Week: Summary

So, how did Death Knight Week go for me?

Salay did get to tank the World Bosses. I think I died 3 times on Oondasta, AFTER bragging on Twitter about how good I was getting at managing my survivability cooldowns... She also tanked some heroic scenarios, which I kind of like. In normal scenarios people can get a bit annoyed if a tank joins, but in heroic scenarios they're just happy to not have to deal with aggro. She has also done all of Throne of Thunder (LFR), BUT as DPS in frost spec (with her tank gear equipped). I didn't really like the Frost Spec much, so I'm sticking with my Blood Spec. But I couldn't make myself tank LFR all on my own, so there's that. I am a coward. I'll keep doing some heroic scenarios and world bosses here and there, but after doing those LFRs, I have concluded that it's not really my wish to have all of my characters following the same progression path, so I will likely not do those on her anymore.

The biggest thing for me to get done this week was the quest Blood Infusion in Icecrown Citadel. It's for Shadowmourne, and it's a part of the quest that requires planning and cooperation from several others. My guildie Bakil volunteered to come along, and so did Rinike and her boyfriend, as well as several guildies from my second server. I had been sitting on this part of the quest for almost a year, and now it's finally done. :)

Salay started out with an item level of 488. In addition she didn't have any gems or enchants. Today she's a very happy girl with an item level of 504, and feeling as loved as only a fully gemmed and enchanted little Death Knight can feel. :)

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