Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Priest Week: Summary

Oh Thealy, my dear Thealy.

When I wrote about my paladin Ohmy, I said she was my third level 70 in Burning Crusade. That spot was initially meant for Thealy, but she and I had a bit of a rough start...

 My first character was my hunter Lae of course. I then made a shaman that I wanted to heal on, but I got too used to elemental when I was leveling, and dropped the healing idea on her altogether. The third character I made was Thealy, and she was definitely going to heal! She healed her way through Deadmines, Wailing Caverns and so on. Remember this was before the Dungeon Finder, so it meant sitting in /Trade, finding a group, and then traveling to the dungeon. Eventually she was level 30 something, and found a group for Scarlet Monastery (I can't remember which of the four parts). I can't remember the details, but what happened was that I was having an announced mana break one room behind the others, and they wiped. I was "removed from the group" and received a whisper saying "You are the worst healer ever". Now, these "wipes while I'm having an announced mana break" have happened me a couple of times the last month when leveling my third monk as a healer, and I know I'm not the one to blame. And in the cases where perhaps I was a bit to blame; who the hell cares, right? ;) But when i leveled Thealy I had only played WoW for about half a year, and my self esteem about my gaming abilities was very fragile. I hurried and put the person that whispered me on /ignore, then I logged out right there in Scarlet Monastery, shut the game down, turned off the computer and had a pretty shaky night. The next day when I started the game up, I avoided looking at her, and started a new paladin. I leveled that paladin from level 1 to 70, in Burning Crusade-speed before I ever logged Thealy again. It's kind of poetic really; she started as a draenei of the light. A bad experience and many dark thoughts later, and she transformed into a shadow priest.

It turned out that Shadow was a very fun spec which I was very good at! Thealy became 70 a few months before Wrath of the Lich King. I found a guild that still did Kara-runs that I could join, and I convinced Ponder to join the same guild. I love how even though I now had several attempts of trying to not be a ranged damage dealer, 3 of my 4 characters was in fact just that! :)

When Wrath of the Lich King launched, Thealy was my first 80. She and Ponder became core raiders in the guild, topping the charts as shadow priest and boomkin. :) Two of the fights in Naxxramas were designed with (shadow) priests in mind, and although it was a bit scary and stressful, she successfully managed her tasks. Thealy remained my main until halfway through Trial of the Crusader, when I went back to my hunter.

If I should get tired of my monk(s) for some reason, Thealy is the character I would play. I think. ;)

Thealy's name needs an explanation: Someone in my first guild assumed it was "The Ally", but that I had spelled it wrong... I would never make a name like that! But the name is actually made up by two words, so he wasn't all that wrong either; "Heal" + "TY" = "Thealy". Might as well be "Heal?Lol!" I guess... The name is pronounced "Tealee", and it sounds nice to me, and that is what's most important.


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  1. I don't know how many alts I quit leveling for the same reason when trying to figure out healers! Tanks that run off without the healer and then wipe and blame them are awful. On the positive side, I do think those few attempts made me a better tank starting out because it made me more aware about being sure where my healer was and what their mana bar looked like.
    Glad you finally finished leveling Thealy and found a spec that stuck. Aand now I'm feeling a bit tempted to have another look at Corbin's shadow spec...