Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[Weak Aura] Windwalker Priority Rotation

Update 5-FEB-2015: Placed Rising Sun Kick much higher in priority, as it should be used on cooldown. Also blocked Blackout Kick if Fists of Fury is off cooldown.

As a Windwalker, I started this expansion doing quite good DPS. But after some nerfs the last couple of months, I've started feeling powerless. This is not a happy place to be, so in addition to complaining about it, I figured I'd better improve my rotation. After all, I never was overpowered when we were supposed to be just that, and if there's one place I hate to be, it's at the bottom.

I know I've been slacking with Fists of Fury, I've been using Rising Sun Kick a bit more than we're supposed to (last expansion we used it on cooldown, but things have changed), I Jab when I shouldn't, etc. There's much movement in fights now, and knowing the rotation by heart would definitely have been best, but I'm kind of stuck in my old MOP-ways still. So I decided to make a Windwalker Priority Rotation-aura, to get some practice in. I set it up using Icy Veins Windwalker Guide and Calligraphy's Windwalker Monk Guide on Wowhead.


This Weak Aura is for single-target fights. The aura doesn't know if the boss is about to use an ability where she ports away, knocks us back or shields herself, or if there are nuke phases that cooldowns should be saved for. Good understanding and knowing of the fights and the rotation will without a doubt beat this aura any day. I'm working on setting up an additional aura with an overview over procs and expected procs, but I have so far not figured out how to handle the two stacks of Mark of the Frostwolf (since I have it on both weapons).

The aura does not include:

  • AOE-rotation (Storm, Earth, and Fire, Spinning Crane Kick, Rushing Jade Wind)
  • DPS-potions. I prepot, and then use a potion together with Tigereye Brew later in the fight.
  • Hurricane Strike
  • Zen Sphere
  • Chi Burst

The Aura

The priority order is gathered in a Dynamic Group, with unusable abilities hidden.

  1. Touch of Death, if it's off cooldown and available.
  2. Tiger Palm to keep Tiger Power-buff up.
  3. Rising Sun Kick to keep debuff up.
  4. Tigereye Brew if more than 10 stacks and if at least one proc is up (Mark of the Frostwolf, Tiger Strikes, legendary ring-proc, Heroism, my trinket proc.) Add own procs under Trigger-Trigger 3. There's definitely room for improvement here, for example make sure to wait until there's at least two or three procs active, time it with heroism, etc.
  5. Xuen, if Tigereye Brew is active.
  6. Energizing Brew, if Serenity isn't active and if energy is below 50.
  7. Tiger Palm, if Tiger Power is less than 6 seconds.
  8. Fists of Fury, if Serenity and Energizing Brew is not active.
  9. Rising Sun Kick
  10. Combo Breakers; Chi Explosion, Blackout Kick, Tiger Palm.
  11. Serenity, if Energizing Brew is not active, if chi is 3 or more, and if energy is below 50.
  12. Expel Harm, if off cooldown, if player is below 95 % health, if chi is 2 or less and if there's enough energy to use it.
  13. Chi Brew, if 2 stacks, if energy is below 90, and if chi is 2 or less.
  14. Chi Brew, if usable, if energy is below 50, and if chi is 2 or less.
  15. Jab, if enough energy, and if chi is 2 or less.
  16. Chi Explosion, if 3 or more chi.
  17. Chi Wave, unless Serenity or Energizing Brew is active.
  18. Blackout Kick, if usable.
  19. Jab. At this point we will be energy-starved and have no chi whatsoever. The Jab-icon will tease and taunt us, and we will keep spamming Jab with desperacy, until we finally get enough energy back to get one off.

Aura Strings

Energy Bar (this is Sunnier's weak aura, I just moved it and changed the colour)

Windwalker Chi Bar (this is also built on Sunnier's aura, I just added one extra chi for us windwalkers)

Additional Free Tip

I also want to recommend an addon called Angry Boss Reminders. It allows for manually saving which talents and glyphs we want to have active for each and every boss; when we enter the boss room, a reminder pops up on the screen if we have wrong talents active.


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