Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Hunter Faction

I was visiting Darkmoon Faire Island a couple of weeks ago. When I got to the Shooting Gallery, Rinling yelled at me: “Come play a game so simple that even a hunter can do it!”. What the...? Grr... I gave him a /rude. Then I took a better look at the guy. A troll. Of course. Quick search on Wowhead tells me he insults all the other classes too, not just me and mine.

Nevertheless, a train of thoughts started.

For once, I want to be part of the main team when a big bad thing happens to the world. I’m tired of helping the “holier than thou”-paladins, the tree hugging druids and the down to earth shamans all the time.
I want one quest giver, one tiny quest giver, that says “I’m sorry ClassNotHunter, this situation needs to be handled by professionals. But if you absolutely want to help, you can collect 10 mushrooms and make us some soup”.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I read a post at WoW Insider. Which sent me on to Martha.Net. Where I found that Jaedia from Jaedia's Menagerie had tagged me! So, here I go:

The basics (from Armageddon's Coming):
  • Go into your image folder
  • Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.
  • Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I dare say I couln’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own).
  • Challenge six new bloggers.
  • Link to them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One picture can say more than 1000 words

I'm having some sort of a writer's block. For every new blogpost I've written they've been bigger and longer and deeper than the last one. And that's really not the point of a blog; to feel like that much work. It's more about freely writing your current thoughts. Right now I have a good idea for something to write about, but I'm stuck with hundreds of single words scattered around, refusing to gather themselves neatly in a post. Let's hope it losens up. :)

Over the weeks the screenshots have piled up. So I think I'll just leave them here, to speak for themselves. This is Naanei, levels 1 to 80. Traveling the world, looking for new and old draenei friends. If you click on one photo you can easily see through them in a bigger format. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update of Hunterstalker

I've updated achievements, kills, specs and links in Hunterstalker today. A few observations since the last update that was 3 months ago, in november:

Leveling Without Heirlooms

I'm leveling a mini hunter. :) Naanei is her name. She's draenei, she's BM and she's 70. She's on a server where I don't have any other characters; so she has no heirlooms. She's also unguilded and she only accepts quests from fellow draenei, broken, lost ones, naaru and non-living objects. No talking/walking trees! I'm pondering about adding more details about her leveling soonish. But that's another story. :)

Naanei the draenei hunter at Temple of Tel'hamat