Friday, May 31, 2013

LUA-spirits aid me!

My raid team is now 8/12 normal in Throne of Thunder, and I've been a Brewmaster for a little over a month. I've learned a lot this time; my rotation and cooldown usage has improved a lot, I change talents and glyphs depending on which fight we're doing, and I understand the different stats and gearing strategies better (thanks to Sunnier and Elitist Jerks!). I got my tier 15 2-set bonus the other day, and I suddenly find myself interested in knowing how much of the incoming damage at any given time I actually stagger.

I opened WeakAuras, selected New, selected Text, and then... I realized that although I know what I want to say, I don't speak this LUA-language!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Macro that covers all talents in a tier

Since last time I wrote something here, I started tanking. Our raid team had 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 ranged and 5 melee, so we just had to do something about that. I started tanking, the frost Death Knight changed to mage and we're trying to recruit some more healers.

As a tank I find myself changing talents more than I used to do as a DPS. I could/should probably have optimized better before as well, but now I really have to. I find it very annoying to change talents and either having to drag the spell from the spellbook to the bar every time, or macro them together, but then having tooltip not showing the active talent.

Luckily one of my guildies, Fuzzybunny, had a fix! This macro will show the tooltip of the active talent. If you change the talent you will have to press the button once to make it update.