Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hunter Videos

I'm adding some of my favorite hunter videos in this post. As the organiser I am, I have to have everything in one place. Please visit these incredibly creative and talented people's channels, subscribe, "like" and give them your (positive) feedback. :) HUNTER PRIDE!!!

I'm a Hunter and I Won't Miss You
by Frostheim/WarcraftHuntersUnion

Welcome to my ringtone!

What is the Best Hunter Pet?
by Frostheim/WarcraftHuntersUnion

WHU vs World of Warcraft
by Frostheim/WarcraftHuntersUnion

Level 1 Dwarven Hunter Raid

WHU Level 10 Hunter Raid

WHU Level 19 Hunter Raid

WHU Level 30 Hunter Raid

WHU Pirates Day!

WHU Brewfest

WHU Guild vs the Outlands (level 40 event)

WHU Raids Thunder Bluff (level 50 event)

WHU Goodby Wrath Party

WHU Gnomish Hunter Swarm

WHU vs. the Whale Shark -- level 65 Hunter Event

WHU vs Sylvanas

The Journal of Lumin the Hunter
by TalesOfLumin

Lumin the hunter dies, and is chosen to be resurrected as undead. This is her journal where she writes about this new experience, trying to remember what happened to her and find her old friends. Funny. :)

How To Do Top DPS in WoW and
How To Solo Kael'thas as a Hunter
by Kripparrian

This video is over 2 years old now, but most of it is still valid. Keyspamming, cooldown-stacking etc. Visit Kripp's channel to see more videos.

Hunter 5v5
by Cliper/tgnWorldOfWarcraft/Clipergaming

Fun to be a Hunter
by Gigi/PVPGurl/jljarrar

Chuck Norris - Hunter
by WorldofWarcraft

Do you have a favorite hunter video that I forgot to add? Write a comment. :) I'll add some of these YouTube-hunters to Hunterstalker soonish.



  1. Velocitas15/1/12 14:01

    Just a comment on the content. Above in the screen on the right, there's something like 'I'm a draenei hunter, and also the Guild Master of Release and Run on the server Aerie Peak EU (Firelands 6/7 heroic).'.

    You might want to update that. ;-)


  2. Mmmm, thank you. :)

    The problem with adding current info I guess.