Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weekly Update: Come Closer

Tuesday 10th of January 2012


I spent my first Darkmoon Prize Tickets on a Darkmoon Cub and a Darkmoon Zeppelin, so I have 165 companions now. Of course I have the obligatory pet addon to show them off, but I'm afraid some of them might disappear a bit in the crowd like this. And how do I decide my Pet Battle Team?! It will be like choosing teams for elementary school cannonball all over again... ;)


After some hours of swearing about drops the last weeks, I got Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth this week. Really really happy about that. In tier 11 I suffered a bad ranged-weapon-draught, and even though I really want tier gear, ranged weapon is top prio. Hoping it will drop again for teammate Simelda, or that he gets the gun from trash, being a dwarf and all.

Raiding and mounts

I've decided to start equipping epic gems in 397+ gear. The first weeks I was laughing at the prices these shinies went for in AH, but now that we're starting heroic modes and I feel a bit unlucky with drops, this is also a way to gear up. I'm still a bit on the "that's way too much money for 10 agility", but I figure if I equip 10 of those gems, that's 100 extra agility. And I love me some agi. Anyway, gold isn't worth anything unspent. Or something like that.

We managed to get Morchok down in heroic mode this week. Playing it safe with 4 healers. As a raidleading hunter I must admit one of the worst parts about raidleading is to assign healing. I always feel like a meanie when I tell them they will have to 2-heal a fight cause we need more DPS. At least this time I could do the oposite. :)

Madness of Deathwing dropped Blazing Drake, and I won the roll! It's supposed to be really rare, but this was our 3rd kill and we've already seen it drop twice. It looks really nice. :)

Draenei hunter Laeleiweyn on Blazing Drake
We went back to Firelands to finish our Glory of the Firelands Raider-achievements, so I'm the proud owner of a Corrupted Fire Hawk. Eventually we'll probably go back and get that Ragnaros heroic kill too.

Bane of the Fallen King is me! Finally killed Lich King on heroic. :) Was working on that fight over a year ago, before we started the guild. Was good to see the raid again, although one year can do a lot about tactics that I used to know by heart. As you can see under, not thinking before pulling WOTLK-bosses can still cause a wipe. ;) I used Gift of Naaru 3 times on boss, and also bandaged her, but we met the enrage timer. Which gave A LOT of adds.

Draenei hunter Laeleiweyn deaded in Icecrown Citadel


I'm telling you, this transmogrification is making me do the weirdest things. I keep finding single pieces of gear that I want to use, that don't fit eachother AT ALL (like Vengeful Gladiator's Longbow and Rushing Storm Kilt). I'm really bad at finding the rest of the outfits. On another note, I hope they eventually open up for transmogging leather, as a lot of us hunters feel our gear should be made of leather, so we can easily chase the woods. We're leatherworkers and wannabe-leatherusers. :)

So I found myself doing The Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron and Halls of Reflection on both normal and heroic, over and over and over, until I got the pieces I was after (see Ferilli under). To get matching shoulders I had to do a certain quest in Un'goro Crater. A sudden chill creeped under my skin. I finished Un'goro Crater quest-achievement a couple of months ago... Downloaded an addon called Loremaster so I could see which quests remained. YES! Still obtainable. Set complete. :)

I also did Razorfen Downs in hope of some uncommon gear pieces for one of the other gazillion sets, but after one run I decided this was not something I wanted to spend my time on. AH it is. Of the hunters I featured in Huntermogging 2, I had a couple of favorite looks that I would like to try for myself. I have several hunter alts I could spread the love amongst, so I now have regular searches on AH for anything Engraved, Steadfast, Glimmering, Der'Izu, Fel Iron Chain, Grunt's etc.

Blood elf hunter Aryâ
Draenei hunter Elidnis
Draenei hunter Ferilli
Blood elf hunter Imzadi
Draenei hunter Kochanie
Human hunter Prosít
Blood elf hunter Thallandorr
Draenei hunter Vim


I've mentioned Naanei in an earlier post. She's a new character I'm leveling. Surprisingly a hunter this time, draenei hunter. She's only picking up quests given by draenei quest givers, going with no heirlooms and no guild. She dinged 40 yesterday. :) I'm considering giving her some posts on her own about this experience later.

Draenei crest from Deviant Art

Totally unrelated music video incoming, this is a song I find myself listening to a lot these days. Enjoy. :) Lae

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