Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My first 5,5 hours as a monk

The release was 13 hours ago, and I've slept and am ready for more. :-)

My (too) detailed leveling plan worked like a charm! I was 80 and 97,5 % within 20 minutes. I had 5-10 minutes of agony where I couldn't log my last granter though, but it was solved quickly I think. I used my Adventurer's Journals when I should, none of them gave me the XP-buff though. I visited the Peak of Serenity when I should. And I changed zones and quested with good steam. I got exalted with my guild at level 83, which felt a bit weird after the grind that used to be. I spent exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes in each Cataclysm-zone (except Hyjal), which isn't really too bad. Although listening to people leveling in Jade Forest on Mumble was torture. :-) But now I've slept and I'm ready to travel to Pandaria myself. And this means I can level my main together with my partner on Friday when he gets home, I'm looking forward to that. :-)

As a sidenote: The name which I have obsessed about for the last month or so... I had to rush and just make one at launch...: Kinlai! I'm pretty happy about it.


The first level granted:

Level 80 granted, 20 mins in:

Level 81 30 mins in:

Level 82 1 h 45 mins in (and say hi to Dhevon :)):

Level 83 3 hours in:

Level 84 4 h 15 mins in:

Level 85 5 h 42 mins in (after a 20 min break):

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