Saturday, September 15, 2012

The (too) detailed leveling plan

I have mapped out a couple of things:
  • How big is the XP-bar for a level 1? 400
  • How much XP does a level 1 get from killing a level 1 mob? 50
  • How much XP does a level 1 get from killing a level 2 mob? 52
  • How much XP do the first quests grant? For a draenei, the first quest grants 40 and the second grants 80. It's not possible to complete the second one without hitting level 2.
  • How much XP does a level 1 get from being summoned to Dalaran? 0

Things to do before:
  • Place Enmunk (21), Tomunk (21) and Tremunk (41) at the mailbox in Ammen Vale.*  X
  • Place Firemunk (80) at the flight trainer in Dalaran.* RAF-characters can summon at level 80, but can't be summoned at level 80. X
  • Make a random character with the planned monk name.
    • Set up the UI.
    • Delete the character

Things to do at launch:
  1. Log Enmunk.
  2. Make the monk. Don't log in.
  3. Log Silja, and send bags, glyphs, Renowned Guild Tabard, heirlooms, gear, Adventurer's Journals and 20k gold.
  4. Log the monk. Don't make a group! Make sure the XP-bar is 400, and that XP-gains are correct. Do the first quest and kill 7 level 1 beasts. This will make her lvl 1 and 97,5 % (19,5 out of 20 bars).
  5. Enmunk grants the monk 10 levels, making the monk 11.
  6. Log Tomunk and grant 10 levels, making the monk 21.
  7. Log Tremunk and grant 20 levels, making the monk 41.
  8. Open all the mail.
  9. Log Firemunk, summon the monk to the riding trainer in Dalaran and grant 39 levels, making the monk 80.
  10. Learn all riding skills.
  11. Ask for an invite to our guild.
  12. Set Hearthstone at The Silver Enclave.
  13. Equip the gear on the way to the Hero's Call Board in Stormwind.
  14. Ask Aysa Cloudsinger to teach me dualspec.
  15. Fly over to the Stormwind Docks. Learn and set glyphs and talents as the RP unfolds.
    Celerity - Zen Sphere - Power Strikes - Leg Sweep - Healing Elixirs
  16. Place spells on bars, including macros, gryphon, Abyssal Seahorse and Traveler's Tundra Mammoth.

  1. Peak of Serenity: Level 20-quest and daily quest. Buy buff food from cooking trainer.
  2. Start Vashj'ir.
  3. At level 82 Hearthstone to Dalaran. Buy Battle Standard of Coordination, Standard of Unity and Banner of Cooperation from the guild vendor. (Macro them with Jab.) Move to Deepholme.
  4. Move to Uldum at level 83.
  5. Move to Twilight Highlands at level 84.
  6. Start Jade Forest at level 85. :D
  7. Move to Valley of the Four Winds or Krasarang Wilds at level 86.
  8. Move to Kun-Lai Summit at level 87-88.
  9. Move to Townlong Steppes or Dread Wastes at level 89.
  10. DING! :D
Peak of Serenity (when Enlightenment has run out):

And then there was:
    Macro for granting levels: /script GrantLevel("Target");

    Macro for accepting levels: /click StaticPopup1Button1 (thanks to Icecreamtruk!)

    Un-verified Power Aura-string for Enlightenment: Version:4.23; b:0.4627; anim1:4; g:0.5725; buffname:Enlightenment; r:0.1765; isAlive:0; texture:28; alpha:1; inVehicle:0; stacksOperator:=; size:1.66; y:0; texmode:1; inverse:true; ismounted:0; finish:0

    * The names mean OneMonk, TwoMonk, ThreeMonk and FourMonk... Bad names for the poor girls. :)

    Can you see any flaws in my too detailed plan? Please tell me. :)

    Only 10 days to go, aaaaaah!



    1. awesome detailed plan.

      1. Thanks a lot. :) It's the right time to make plans for sure.

    2. Nice little run sheet. I'm building one for myself as well.

      Most people prefer the Hyjal quests instead of the Vashj'ir. But I imagine you have a reason for hitting Vashj'ir first. Maybe to avoid them "most people" ;)

      If you want to do Uldum, you can get summoned to Dalaran flight master instead of SW at level 41 when you grant levels, set your hearth there. Then take the portal to Tanaris from there at level 83. I will be doing this with my monk. It adds a few seconds to zone back to SW to zone to the other zones, but overall I think it will save you some time until you get out to Pandaria. Just a thought. Might be more trouble than its worth but I'm gonna try it out.

      Macro'ing the battle standards to jab is a good idea. If it was in a group setting I would try to coordinate it better w/ the group members to make the buff last longer.

      I have also added aura's for when my food buff and flask are almost down. Something like <5mins. And for the Enlightenment buff I did <15minutes.

      There is also a macro you can use on the monk to accept the popup window for the levels being granted.

      /click StaticPopup1Button1

      It's generic though and I think it will click anything that pops up.

      Good luck!

      1. Awsome, I was hoping for a comment like this. :) I'll reroute to Dalaran as well I think, and the "accept levels" macro I didn't even think about! Updating post. :)

      2. Tested with summoning a level 1 to Dalaran flight trainer, gave no XP!