Wednesday, January 23, 2013

$#*@! Valor Points

The fun thing about writing something like "$#*@!" is that one can assume there are some really foul words behind the symbols. But it could, in theory, just as well hide the words "cute", "love" or "kitten".

The last three weeks I've been struggling to cap my Valor Points. It's mostly because I'm exalted with everything and everyone that can walk and talk and give out quests. And also I hate don't like 5man dungeons very much. There's only one Raid Finder that I want one remainding thing from. So the last three weeks on the day before reset I've been stressing like mad to get it done! This isn't a very original post about a problem that I'm the only one in the world to have, but it didn't really happen to me before now recently.

Every day I do three two quests that gives me Valor Points: The Archaeology daily, Yoon's "plant this one thing"-daily and the Ironpaw Token-daily. In a week that gives me 70 Valor Points.
I do a scenario almost every day, let's say I get 200 Valor Points a week from that.
I do about one or two heroic dungeons every week, not because I want to, but because someone asks me and I know I should do them. I really hate the word "should" by the way! Let's say I get 160 Valor Points from that.
I'll kill about 4 to 7 raid bosses every week. Let's assume those kills rewards me with 200 Valor Points.
And then I do Raid Finder part 4 at least once, which gives me 90 Valor Points. I'll do part 1 and 2 at the end of the week if I have to to cap.

All in all that is 720 Valor Points. That's less then 3/4 of the cap! I think all of this is quite a lot of playtime, considering that I would like to spend some of that time on something else. Like my 87 fire mage, who I'm leveling together with Ponder. She's gonna be making my alt army a lot of 28 slot bags when she's grown up. And then there's my newly dinged 90 death knight who likes to hang out and think about life and death (mostly death really). Doing some Tillers-quests, Shieldwall-quests, rarehunting, trying to solo some old raids, dipping her newly dinged dead toes into the Sha of Anger-waters, scenarios or just whatever comes to her mind. It's fun doing scenarios with a character that is just bursting with "WHAT'S IN THE BAG!?" after the scenario is finished; there might be an upgrade for her in there!

I KNOW, I really do, that the cap is the upper limit for how much Valor Points I can get, but in my eyes it is kind of the lower limit too. As a member of a raid team that wants to kill stuff before their expiration date, I regard it my proud responsibility to make sure that my gear is as good as it can be.

Do you make the cap every week? How? Early in the week, or at the last second like me? If you don't worry about the cap, how do you not worry about it? What do you do with the voice that whispers "don't you want your character to be as powerful as she can be...?"?


  1. $#*@! yeah!

    Same boat. I'm an officer and I like the idea of just whipping through MV for quick and easy valor. But it's also time and nobody needs anything. It is however, more enjoyable than solo questing.

    After a raid, we usually have 5 people that want to get some valor and we speed-run a heroic 5man. And then speed-run a scenario. Bam! Done.

    I do dread LFD heroics as well. I even feel some hate when a scenario has someone spec'd as healing or tank. It's just useless to a hunter with a spirit beast. We can solo scenarios, it just takes much longer than if we have three dps.

    1. Oooooops, I queue in tank spec on my DK... ;-) But I make sure to go together with friends!

  2. Early in the week, I pound out as much as I can. I'll do a couple of LFRs - the 2nd half of HoF (need boots!), ToES (need shoulders!), maybe 1st half of MV since it's a faceroll. Do my shieldwall dailies. Run a quick heroic. Usually I have 300-350 VP at the end of the first day, making the rest of the week much easier.

    And of course I do the Ironpaw daily each day. :)

    I do try to cap, for two reasons: 1) I'm still trying to upgrade as much gear as possible before Item Upgrades go away; and 2) capping by, say, Saturday gives me a couple of days of the Valorous buff so I can get VP more quickly on my alt mage and warrior.

    Heroics are usually quick, if not painless. At this level, a ton of DPS can come in handy when the rest of the group is sub-par, and the queues aren't too long anymore due to scenarios and such. So I try to get a handful of those in weekly.

    I understand your feelings on it. Valor capping can definitely be a drag. I'd say you're probably doing fine with what you do - the most important thing is to have fun. Just giving my 2 cents about how I do it - you should do what makes you happy! :)

  3. Anonymous24/1/13 12:36

    There's not nearly enough valor going out this patch. I run 5 raid finders, pug into MSV normal (even though there are -zero- upgrades for me there), and do a couple of HOF bosses with my raid team (they extend our lock outs a lot, which I hate). This is about 770 valor, and about 10 hours of play time. It's a lot. Tiny rewards for large investments of time aren't really a great way to do things.

    I remember at the end of DS I was capping almost entirely from raid bosses, I never had to step into a dungeon if I didn't want to. But I don't think this was the right way to do it, either.

    I'm the best geared player in my guild, because I've worked hard to try and cap valor every week, but even still I can't cap it every week, it's just not possible to do that and do all the things I want to in real life too.

  4. I have yet to cap Valor at all this expansion. I have come close a couple of times, but I find that I just don't have as much time to play as I would like. Besides trying to increase my Hunter's power, I'm also trying to hunt achievements, make gold, doing dailies, and running old raids for mounts and rep. There are also alts I would like to level, and I haven't even touched pet battles yet. There's an overwhelming amount of things to do in this game, and it's difficult for me to decide what I should be doing with the time I have. The only raiding I've done so far this expansion is through the Raid Finder. I know that I would like to maximize my main's power as much as possible, but seeing as how I'm not currently on a regular raiding team trying to progress through normal or heroic bosses, I'm starting to think of putting character power on the back burner and focus on stuff like Loremaster, pet battles, alts, and maxing Archaeology, along with the massive amount of other achievements I want to get. So, I guess since I haven't really been too concerned with Valor capping to this point, why start now? I haven't even worked on all the reps to be able to buy the gear anyway, so maybe just before 5.2, I'll just use the Valor I have at that point to upgrade a couple pieces that I figure will stick with me a while or will be more difficult to replace (DMF trinket, Sha-Touched weapon...if it will ever drop).

    1. I really love that there's so much different to do. For example, I had a month of hardcore pet battling ;-), but that for me had a start and an end. The Valor Points just don't have that. They keep being equally useful four months in. I don't know what the solution should be though.