Saturday, February 9, 2013

Project Valor Point Cap

This reset I made a plan on how to cap my Valor Points. The character that I want to cap on is also the character that doesn't need anything at all from heroics, scenarios or dailies. So what if I instead did the hard work on a character that could benefit from it, and then provide the nice little "Valor of the Ancients"-buff for the rest of the family? Farmraid with that buff makes a very good profit!

My newly dinged level 90 mage, decked out in greens, have been working her ass off this reset.
I decided that she should earn at least 333 Valor Points every day for three days, and then get the rest of the week off. I've been doing different variations of this:

Daily scenario and heroic = 120 VP
I'm really bad at playing mage. My DPS is low and my gear is bad. I just never "got" this class. But she is my tailorer, and I need bigger bags, so it will just have to do. Please people; don't insult people that have low DPS in heroics or dungeons, remember they can be newly dinged, and these places are there for them to gear up in... :-(

One more scenario and heroic = 60 VP

Tillers-dailies and "Food Round" = 75 VP
I wanted my mage to get exalted with Tillers as soon as possible, for more plots and to be able to grow Motes of Harmony (for more Silk for even more bags). But to get reputation with each individual Tiller-member isn't really that important. So for now I'm not handing in the Ruby Shards, Blue Feathers, Jade Cats etc. Instead I make food for Tillers, which they give me 5 VP for in return. After a while, when another character becomes the Valor Point-slave, I can hand in all the rare gifts that my mage has in her bags, but for now I'm totally taking advantage of the easy Valor Point-gathering.

Operation: Shieldwall-dailies = 25 VP
I still enjoy this reputation a lot. The dailies are ok, and the story-quests in between are awsome. More reputations like this! Goooooo Shieldwall! Booooo Golden Lotus!

Klaxxi-dailies = 35 VP
The Klaxxi are ok. Lots of quests kind of close to eachother. Pick them all up, do them, and hand them in. Totally ok.

August Celestials-dailies = 20 VP
Very short. Unfortunately actually, cause it's gonna take me forever to get exalted.

Golden Lotus-dailies = 25-XX VP
I keep nagging about that bag... To get the recipe I need to get exalted with August Celestials. But as we all know by now; I need to be Revered with Golden Lotus to be able to unlock August Celestials-dailies at all. When the expansion launched I didn't have any problems with reps or dailies. But now, almost 5 months later, I must say I really really hate Golden Lotus. Too much work for too little rep. So there are two things one can do: Either keep doing the quests until exalted and get a sweet neck out of it. Or to stop the second one gets Revered and never look back at the stinking place. Last one will be my approach. I'd rather wear green gear forever.

Shado-Pan-dailies = 25 VP
If I get tired of the others...

Eventually, when I have a VP-slave that is geared enough for Raid Finder, this should be even easier to obtain. Over the three days I could then do Tillers, one scenario and one heroic each day, and then do the five raid finder-parts and cap that way.

On the other hand, is this really supposed to feel like work?

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