Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Suggestions for Valor Points

After two posts mostly complaining about Valor Points, it's time to get constructive!

I don't only whine, I also have some suggestions:

1. Increase Valor Points-gains with 50 %

The Valor of the Ancients-buff makes it SO much more managable to cap Valor Points. I would love to see it as the default accumulation rate.

Or at least:

2. Give Valor of the Ancients-buff after all alts earned 1000 Valor Points combined

I want to raid on character A, do Raid Finder on character B, do Scenarios on character C and dailies on character D. Don't make my rep-capped, dungeon-hating main character do content that is outdated for her to get Valor Points!


3. Let us bank Valor Points

Ok, so the weekly cap is 1000. It would be really nice if the Valor Points-gains after that got stored, and then became active the next week, giving one a nice boost.

Final suggestion:

4. Make Valor Points account-bound

The cap for any one character could still be 1000. Are you about to go over 1000? Send some to your alt. Do you need 200 to cap at the end of the week? Send some from your alt.

I think I promise that this is the last word from me on the subject of Valor Points. ;-) Instead I could perhaps write a rant about how we haven't cleared tier 14 on normal yet, and I don't want tier 15 until we do...

1 comment:

  1. It's work. It's tiring. It's not worth it beyond my main. Just yesterday I realized I really should get my shaman up to i480 for the new LFR. Then I realized I haven't bothered to even run the other LFRs on her since the second or third week she dinged 90.

    Too much work.