Thursday, July 18, 2013

Community Blog Topic: What would you buy from the in-game store?

Wow Insider started a Community Blog Topic three days ago called "What would you buy from the in-game store?" I'm very conflicted about this topic. So far I've bought every single mount and pet as soon as they've appeared in the store, and I've paid for a second account to get the "Recruit A Friend"-mount.
As many others, I'm conflicted cause it strikes me a bit as double-dipping. I pay a subscription fee, but in addition there is/will be stuff that will only be available to me if I pay for them in addition. On the other hand, the subscription fee has been the same as long as I've been playing, actually it's been the same since the game's launch in 2004. If it had followed regular price growth, the fee would have been about 16 % higher by now (in Norway at least). From my viewpoint, with my limited experience with the subject of "Free To Play", I think I want World of Warcraft to stay subscription-based, and I'm genuinely worried about WoW becoming a "sell out", or an experience that feels cheap.

Anyway, enough with the conflicted feelings! There are indeed things I would buy from the in-game store. I would prefer them to be implemented in the game in another way, but I would pay for the following:

  1. Invisible shoulders
    Either buying a BOA-item, or paying to unlock a "hide shoulder"-button.
  2. Hair styles and hair colours from other races
    I want more variation for my draenei girls! Give me dwarven braids, night elven crazy green and gnomish pink pigtails! Sure, not all of them are suitable, but I want them unlocked.
  3. Dances from other races
    I want my draenei girls to be able to shuffle like the male pandaren, own the dance floor like the female goblins, and nerd it up like the male blood elves.
  4. Armor dye (stolen from The Godmother)
  5. Storage (stolen from The Godmother)
  6. Class/race-combos that aren't allowed now
    Draenei rogue? Gnome druid? Yes, please. I get the lore reasoning behind not letting every race be every class. But single characters being exceptions would make sense. We already have Mishka...
  7. Gold
    I have enough now, but I would definitely buy gold if it was allowed and I was broke.
  8. A second Hearthstone/teleport-option that I can set in a second location
    Hearthstone 1 in Shrine and Hearthstone 2 in Halfhill. Hearthstone 3 in Exodar... Hearthstone 4 in Shattrath. Hearthstone 5 in Vashj'ir. Oh dear...
Not on the list:

  • Bigger ignore list. I really think they need to expand the ignore list capacity soon, but if they make us pay for it I will become furious!

What would you pay for, or what would you like to have implemented without having to pay something extra for it? Comment on the WoW Insider-post, or here if the topic is closed.



  1. I would pay for reputation or account wide reputation.

  2. I'm pretty happy with the transmog world.

    I can see a hiding shoulders option as nice.

    Dances would be under the "about time" section.

    Armor Dyes seem like they should already be in the game. I wouldn't want to pay real currency for them each time though.

    New race combos would be awesome.

    I would be fiercely against Blizz selling Gold. That's one of the reasons D3 croaked.

    I'd farm the farm a helluva lot more if I didn't need to have my hearth set for ToT's isle. I have a bunch of items that do teleportation. But it's still much nicer to be on my mage alt.

    How about something that would allow you to alter your character's voice?

  3. I'm now going to have to look at every race/class combo and ask "Why?" Thanks in advance for the inspiration!

    I've a fairly strict $15 a month player. The only things I've spent more than that on were a name change years ago for my priest to match my "Kal" naming scheme, and a server transfer for my Pally. I deleted a level 62 Druid and a level 50 Warlock on that server rather than pay for a transfer, and before that I deleted a level 60 druid rather than pay for a faction change. I think what that really reveals is not my stinginess, but rather how little I value my time. Depressing.

  4. Anonymous21/8/13 02:03

    Nothing - I already pay 2 subs (if you count my husband's) plus the server changes I've been persuaded to make. NO cosmetic item will tempt me to spend my hard earned cash on. I will not buy in to the money making game.

    However, I would definitely consider a gift for a birthday /Christmas for someone else, if they expressly asked me for it.

    Just my opinion - I don't begrudge anyone else who does ;)

  5. Anonymous28/8/13 05:58

    There are addons which will make it possible to ignore more players. IgnoreMore, ImpIgnore.. :)

  6. I use IgnoreMore already, it's nice. Only thing is it doesn't ignore people for real. If I ignore someone, they won't see the notification. And I think if you ignore someone for real, you won't get grouped with them in LFD/LFR, while the addon doesn't fix that.