Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Guild: Alysrazor companion race (including our heroic setup)

Alysrazor is a very unique and cool fight, one of my favorites! We like to have a bit of fun preparing for it as well. ;) At first (only, hehe) pull of the night for Alysrazor, everyone pulls out a companion pet. Everyone stacks up (except the poor guy assigned with doing the pull on Staghelm).

As Staghelm is aggroed, he pulls everyone towards him, rooting them in place.

The horde of companion pets storms in to save the champions!

Alliance Balloon is more flexible than quick, and seem to be a lot slower than most of the others.

Majordomo Staghelm yells: The winner is Mojo the frog!!!

No price to be won, only that good feeling within that you WON something. ;-)

Our heroic setup
We go with
2 tanks (2 warriors or pally + warrior)
2 healers (we have one of each class available, none preferred)
2 winged DPS (usually boomkin + shadow priest)
2 ranged meteor DPS (usually 2 hunters)
2 interrupting DPS (usually rogue + either fury warrior or feral druid)

Phase 1
The 2 winged DPS start flying as soon as they grabbed their 3 feathers.
The 2 melee DPS go to each side and start beeting on the druid. One hunter helps on each side.
The tanks pick up one hatchling each.

First meteor spawns, and is ignored.
Second meteor spawns, is nuked by the hunters so it solidifies.

Everyone gather at the meteor for Firestorm, and make sure the meteor is between them and Alys.

Third meteor is ignored. Fourth is nuked down. Everyone hides for Firestorm.
Fifth meteor is ignored.

Phase 2
Same as on normal.

Phase 3
Same as on normal. HEROISM! And nuke!!!

Phase 4
Same as on normal. Use cooldowns: Spirit Link, Aura Mastery, Tranquility, Divine Guardian, Rallying Cry.

Repeat from phase 1.

Boss drops before phase 2 is reached again. :)

Release and Run in action
Firelands normal run earlier this summer:

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