Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blizzcon day 1: What minimum range?

Summary after watching Live Stream of the Opening Ceremony, Intro to Mists of Pandaria and Class Talent System.

Hunter minimum range gone! Hunter melee weapon gone!
Other classes no more ranged/relic slot.
Rogues and warriors throw their melee weapon for ranged attacks. Wands become main hand weapons.

New talent system
1 talent point every 15 lvls, 6 alltogether. Changing talents will be made easier, like changing glyphs is now.

Class abilities: Shared abilities between all 3 specs.
Spec abilities: Abilities you get only if you have a certain spec (for example MM = Chimera Shot, BM = Kill Command and SV = Explosive Shot).
Talents: Shared between all 3 specs!

All pets can choose between all 3 pet specs; Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity. :)

Hunter Talent Tree

The new talent system seems really really good! After a quick look I've spent my talent points: Venom Tipped Arrows - Silencing Shot - Exhilaration - Aspect of the Iron Hawk - Readiness - Black Ice. Both very situational, but also letting people choose their own playstyle. :)

Mists of pandaria

New race: Pandaren.
Can't be DK, druid, paladin or warlock. Start zone is the back of a turtle! You choose between alliance/horde at lvl 10.
Racials: 100 % increased stats from food. +15 skill in cooking. Twice as long rested xp. Bouncy: 50 % less fall dmg. CC: 3 sec sleep.

New class: Monk.
Brewmaster - tank, Mistweaver - healer, Windwalker - melee DPS.
Goblin and worgen can't be monks. Leather armor (agi or int). Energy source is Chi. No Auto Attacks!
And cooooool animations. :)

New continent: Pandaria.
Lvl cap: 90
5 new zones (with similar size to Twilight Highlands).
No flying until max level
Valor Points obtainable from dailies, scenarios, dungeons, raids.

Short instances for few players. Staged experience. Queue and go, like dungeon finder but without roles.

Challenge Mode Dungeon
Complete a dungeon in x minutes to earn bronze, silver, gold medals. Normalized gear levels to avoid outgearing. Rewards sweet looking gear with no stats for Transmog. Compare your efforts to rest of server on Leaderboards.

Pet combat system
Collect, lvl and battle with companion pets. Customize your pets. Win wild pets. Pet Journal. Most pets will become tradable. Accountwide pets. PVE/PVP-battles. Turn based combat.

9 new dungeons
6 dungeons in Pandaria and also heroic Scholomance and heroic Scarlet Monastery 1 & 2.

3 raids
Return of world raid bosses!

Factions less grindy.
3 new BG’s.
1 new arena.
Accountwide achievements!!! This one... It's really good. This has stopped me from playing alts lately. Won't be all achievements though, so I will have to wait for more details before I take off.

Will continue watching tomorrow. Hoping to get release date on patch 4.3 (mid november?), release estimate on next expansion (june 2012?), and perhaps ranged hunter pet, more character slots per server and more haircuts and haircolors?


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