Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Hallow's End Feline Familiar

So, the day didn't start out great. I woke up being ill. After dragging myself out of bed eventually, I started the computer. Browsing newspapers and listening to The Instance Podcast sent me on to Race to World First. Browsing Twitter (yes, I do several things at the same time. :)) I realised it's Hallow's End, and after checking Wowhead's update to what's new, I found out there was a new companion pet to be hunted down. Logged on and 150 Tricky Treat marks later I could buy Feline Familiar, which is an awsome black cat with a witch hat and green glowy eyes. :)

I then mounted up to fly home to Dwarven District... And the cat mounted up as well. On a tiny broom. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! And even though I've been rid of my altoholism ever since Cata released, I have to have this on my shadow priest, Thealy!!!

Laeleiweyn the draenei hunter on Dark Phoenix with Feline Familiar

Other notable things about Hallow's End would be the chance to get the mount from the Headless Horseman and there are some masks you can get that will give you increased agility for an hour (or a lesser stat if one is of the lesser classes). Well, I'm gonna go curl up under my blanket and watch some Big Bang Theory...

Happy Hallow's End!

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