Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weekly Update: Battlegrounds!

Tuesday 29th of november

I'm up to 11920 achievement points this week, after doing A LOT of battlegrounds. The release of 4.3 should then make it pretty easy to reach the next big round number; 12000!

Achievements gained:
Not Your Average PUG’er
Battle for Gilneas Assasin
Full Coverage
Explosives Expert
Twin Peaks Mountaineer
Double Jeopady
Tower Plower
Soaring Spirits
We Had It All Along *cough*

As I mentioned last week, doing battlegrounds can get me awkwardly furious. I was in an Arathi Basin where 13 of my team mates were stacked up at Stables. So I screamed at them, accusing them of sharing one brain cell. Classy, I know... (And it was probably not more than half a brain cell. :p)
It helps on the aggro to focus on doing achievements, and at the same time be that person I usually would scream at. Like ignoring my whole team risking their lives at yellow wall in Strand of the Ancients, and decide to place 5 bombs at the safe and horde-free green wall just to get Explosives Expert. There isn't always a good balance between playing the game for yourself and being part of a team. ;)
The two toughest kinds of achievements I find in PVP are those that involve flag capping and flag returning.
First one cause if I go with a group, of course the prot-specced-whatever-class should take the flag. And if I go alone, I feel very squishy if I get 3+ people on me. I move with Aspect of the Pack until I see the red dots get close, and try to make good use of Disengage, traps, Intimidation, Scatter Shot, Concussive Shot, Bestial Wrath, Gift of Naaru and Spirit Mend, but there is only so long those will last me if I get focused down.
The second one cause I'm used to keeping range to my targets. So although I get a lot of killing blows on flag carriers, I'm often a bit too late over to the flag to be the one that returns it. In fact, I sometimes get the feeling me and the EFC are alone, I kill him, and out of nowhere a druid spawns and returns the flag for me.

Draenei hunter from DeviantArt

Battleground Appreciation Order
  1. Battle for Gilneas
  2. Twin Peaks
  3. Eye of the Storm
  4. Arathi Basin
  5. Wintergrasp (if even numbered)
  6. Strand of the Ancients
  7. Warsong Gulch
  8. Alterac Valley
  9. Isle of Conquest
  10. Tol Barad

Annoying Battleground Topics
  • "Opposite faction is better". Don't even... Oh my god. It's the same people, the same classes, the same abilities (except racials). I get that you want to find an explanation outside of yourself when someone beats you or your team, but please have insight enough to say "they were better, they had better skills and they were better team players". Don't blame your faction for your sucking.
  • The Cap and Leave-guy.
  • Graveyard ganking. It's just no honor in it in my book.
  • Having too high morals to be the cap-and-leave-girl, so you're stuck defending boring Gold Mine while all the fun fighting is at Blacksmith.
  • AFK-ers.
  • Bots. Unless they're horde, and I can be creative in my killing of them while I'm at said boring GM.
I only have three rares left to get Bloody Rare. This week I found Okrek (bird man in Terokkar).

Hydraxian Waterlords rep is 19168/21000, it's really really close now.

Have a fun week in 4.3, i'll update on my/our progress next week. :)


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