Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cataclysm Almost Mortem

Mists of Pandaria has totally taken over the news. Before I get my Beta invite and start living the panda-experience, a wrap-up of Cataclysm seems fitting. I'll give you my top 3-lists of different things, but as you will see I felt I had to cheat with the numbers here and there.

Cataclysm Zones

1. Twilight Highlands
2. Vashj'ir
3. Uldum

Honorable mentions:
Deepholme, you are beautiful.
Mount Hyjal, you sure love those druids.


Cataclysm NPC's

1. Tarenar Sunstrike and Gidwin Goldbraids in Eastern Plaguelands
2. Zen'kiki in Western Plaguelands
3. Stormcaller Mylra in Deepholme and Twilight Highlands
4. Thisalee Crow in Mount Hyjal
5. All dwarves and gryphons in Twilight Highlands

Cataclysm Quest Chains

1. Fiona, Tarenar Sunstrike and Gidwin Goldbraids - quest chain
2. Westfall murder investigation
3. The Day Deathwing Came

Honorable mentions: Rhea's quest chain in Badlands, Alexstrasza vs Deathwing in Twilight Highlands and Peaceblooms vs. Ghouls in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Cataclysm Hunter Abilities

1. Aspect of the Fox gave us the ability to keep up our full rotation while moving.
2. Trap Launcher gave us ranged traps. Trap Launcher will be further improved in Mists of Pandaria; it will be a toggle instead of a spell.
3. Camouflage gave us stationary stealth and smaller aggro radius while moving and is a great ability for PVP, soloing and lazy questing. Camouflage will be further improved in Mists of Pandaria; with glyph it will give us stealth while moving at the cost of 50 % speed reduction.

Cataclysm Hunter Pets

1. Terrorpene
2. Skarr
3. Ban’thalos

Honorable mentions: Ghostcrawler, I love you. Deth'tilac, for a spider you're really goodlooking. Kirix, what a fun tame you were, and how I've laughed watching others try. xD

Draenei hunter Laeleiweyn with Skarr

Cataclysm Raids

1. Firelands
2. Blackwing Descent
3. Dragon Soul

Honorable mentions:
Throne of Four Winds, I loved your unique mechanics! You suffer from being the one raid with weird loot-table out of three released raids, and thus I didn't see you enough.
Bastion of Twilight, you're good and you know it! All fights are fun, interesting and unique.
Baradin Hold, you've followed the legacy of Vault of Archavon, giving us missing tier-pieces in a more relaxed and puggy way. Thank you for being here.

Cataclysm Raid Bosses

1. Ragnaros
2. Alysrazor
3. Maloriak

Honorable mentions:
Al'Akir for being a very different boss, which sadly dropped weird loot.
Yor'sahj for being a boss where you change the fight from your choices.
Ultraxion for being both "stand still and DPS" and "stay awake and use your button" and "Deterrence works!".
Madness of Deathwing for being a great fight; the platforms and the different buffs makes the fight very cool. The fight just gets a little too repetitive and long to make it to Top 3.

Cataclysm Loot

The Big Gear Fatigue of tier 11 was pretty bad for me, this is the loot that felt best to finally get:
1. Themios the Darkbringer Oh how I waited for you.
2. Arion's Crown
3. Necklace of Strife

Draenei hunter Laeleiweyn with Ban'thalos

Cataclysm Dungeons

First I have a comment. I haven't done much dungeons in Cataclysm. Or, correction, I have done a lot of 1-70 dungeons on alts. I found most of the cataclysm dungeons cool, with cool story and cool mechanics. But they were long and time-consuming, there were some trash and some bosses that were too challenging for random Dungeon Finder-people, and pretty fast I didn't need either gear, reputation or Valor Points from them. The ones I think I've run the most are ZA and ZG. The three new ones I've only done 1 time each. I think the three last ones were an improvement, but again, I have no reason to do them now, except achievements.

Low-lvl dungeons are so good now! All the quests are obtainable within the dungeon, and some of the really long ones are divided into smaller ones. It's a really fun time to lvl alts.

1. End Time, Hour of Twilight and Well of Eternity
2. Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub
3. Halls of Origination
4. Lost City of the Tol'vir
5. The Vortex Pinnacle
6. Blackrock Caverns
7. Grim Batol
8. The Stonecore
9. Throne of the Tides


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