Monday, March 19, 2012

Spoiler Alert: Mists of Pandaria 2012 Press Event

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Official Mists of Pandaria website
WoW Insider
WoW Hunters Hall

New: Blogpost by Bashiok giving even more info that I haven't seen anywhere else yet!

Things I absolutely love

Stampede!!! Pandaren Female is adorable! Pet Battles are gonna be anonymous and light-hearted, and really something different and new. Order of the Cloud Serpents lets you train your own Cloud Serpent-mount with 20 days of questing. The Lorewalkers will provide cutscenes and rewards for archaeology fragments. First tier of Pandaria raiding will have 14 bosses spread on 3 raids. Alementals, hihi, win. We'll kill Garrosh. Farmville with the faction Tillers. Character creation UI improved. Control areas of Pandaria (world PVP) to increase your faction's conquest point weekly cap. Updated loot system for LFR, and also an aspect where you can bump your roll by doing other objectives in the game. Valor Points will be used to increase your existing gear in item level rather than giving you new gear. Talent Pane; "Dust of Disappearance" and only changing one talent at a time = win. Monks will not share tier on Vanquisher tokens, the tier system may be completely changed. Pandaren. Draenei Monks. AOE looting.

Buff Tracker; 8 available buffs, showing as 1-8/8. Neet!
Glyphs. Prime glyphs are gone. Vanity glyphs are in. I've seen some glyphs for other classes that makes me really thrilled to see the hunter ones.
8 new zones. 7 big zones for 85-90 and 1 for 1-10. In comparison Wrath of the Lich King had 8 quests zones.

I have a question about Stampede. If one of your 5 pets is an exotic one, and you are in your SV-spec, will that pet still be summoned?

Other positive things

Scenarios. Dungeon "Challenge" Modes. 9 dungeons. Mega Damage. 2 battlegrounds and 1 arena. Cooking will have four specializations allowing for customized food.


Monks will be autoattacking, which I can totally understand why would be difficult to make work. And one battleground was cut.

Slight disappointments

11 character slot. First and only dissapointment. At Blizzcon someone mentioned perhaps they would remove the server-limitation and only keep the world-limit, which is 50. As a Guild Master with no more room for characters, I'm finding myself more and more away from my own server and our guild chat, and I worry that I'm not as visual as I should be. This limitation seems (but I don't know everything ofc) like a thing that could easily be removed.

Female Pandaren Art





Male pandaren hunter with a turtle pet


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