Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mists of Pandaria Launch Predictions

What do we want? Mists of Pandaria! When do we want it? NOW!!!

I've started collecting predictions I hear or see people make for when Mists of Pandaria will launch. The price for predicting the correct date; Eternal glory!

End of June, but probably JulyFrostheimHunting Party Podcast episode 125
JulyScruffiHunting Party Podcast episode 125 - chat room
July 7Quelys-
July 10

(Second week of July)

MoP Release Date Thinking

July 17
(with 5.0.1 June 6)
WoW Insider (short prediction)Predicting Mists of Pandaria's release date
July 24


The Godmother

As shown in this video

AugustDarkbrewHunting Party Podcast episode 125
August 2Xalard-
August 14Ponder-
August 15KialesseIn Which Kia Shuns The Beta
August 21 Laeleiweyn-
Late August/
early September
September 26
(with 5.0.1 August 15)
WoW Insider (long prediction)Predicting Mists of Pandaria's release date
SeptemberEuripidesHunting Party Podcast episode 125
October 2Sesamee-
October 9Zanbon-
November Turpster from The InstanceEpisode 170 after 22 mins
The Holidays
(which I assume is Christmas)
Scott from The InstanceEpisode 170 after 23 mins

About my own prediction; I was gonna say June, cause that's exactly 1,5 years after Cataclysm launched (they have a goal of more frequent releases, aiming for 1,5 years). But only 2 months of beta testing and then the pre-event, together with the fact that Diablo 3 releases May 15, I think not. And then I think they will keep July sacred, as it's the big month for taking summer vacation and going away in Norway. Norway counts right? We have 5 million people living here damn it. :) So I went for a random Tuesday in August. It's always Tuesdays. But August, that's 5 long months away... I hope I'm wrong and it's June after all. :) At least I hope the guys at The Instance is wrong!

Give me your predictions and I'll add them. :)


Female draenei BM hunter by Sandfreak at Deviant Art


  1. Anonymous31/3/12 20:41

    I say Oct. 2nd. I agree it's going to be on a Tuesday and that's the start of the 4th business quarter. I think releasing it before the second quarter ends is too soon and they won't do it right smack in the middle of summer when people will be outside and off doing other things. I'm probably way off. I'm wrong and they do it sooner that's a good thing lol!

  2. I heard the book is releasing August so my guess is late August/early September. Fits in with your theory as well.

  3. Thank you for the prediction Jaedia. :)

  4. 7th of July!
    I think that gives enough time for the beta as well as not being too far away. I can see sept-oct, that would give us 9-10 months of DS... no thanks... lol

  5. 2nd of August! Blizzard loves me and my birthday xD