Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shame of the Alliance!

Warning of very bad language, I was so fucking mad when I wrote this.

I can’t believe how arrogant some people are, and how bad morals they have!!!

I was in Twin Peaks for my daily Conquest Points. Five or so players had joined together. They went for the flag, then straight to horde graveyard. Laughingly giving us the warning “we’re here for HK’s, but we’ll make sure to win. Eventually.”

Farming Honorable Kills... What a fucking joke. Where the hell is the honor in camping the graveyard, not letting people buff up and get ready to fight back? Do the irony of the use of the word honor not strike these asshats? Am I the only one that watches Hollywood war movies, and is impressed by the amount of respect people are showing even their enemies?

Me and the other five kept trying to get them to cap. “We told you we were here for HK, just leave if you want.” My blood was pumping, my ears were ringing, I started to get really furious. “Cap FFS!” “Aww, is it your bedtime kid?”

Eventually, halfway, they capped. I stormed to enemy flag room and ran the flag over all by myself. Finished off an enemy rogue on the way, and managed to keeping a feral druid off me at our base, allowing me to cap before I killed him off. But of course, they were ready for “this kind of behavior” this time, and took the flag before I could reach back to the enemy base. And then they went back to the graveyard. After heavy arguing from the rest of us, and heavy spamming from me “cap”, “cap”, “cap” and “cap”, with 2 minutes to go, they finally capped the flag, giving us the win.

By this time I was so furious I don’t know if I will be able to calm down and sleep tonight at all.

If YOU behave like this against teammates and/or enemies, OH MY GOD HOW I HOPE YOU BURN YOU FUCKING STUPID TWAT!!!

And if you, like me, stumble into these situations, how do you handle them? Or do you perhaps think I'm overreacting? (Don't you dare comment then, cause I'll seriously explode again!) It’s dawning on me that I should have left right away perhaps... On the other side, I’m a strong believer in that people need to get told when they behave this poorly. Perhaps I shouldn’t have capped that second flag at all... And perhaps I shouldn't swear so much when I get angry, as my good point might disappear in all the words... Should I stay away from PVP if I get this angry by other's behavior?

Lae :-(


  1. There is a lot of this "hk" farming going on at the moment. People are using Real ID plus the AV preform addon to make all sorts of raids from 6 to 40 people just to farm the 100 000 and 250 000 hk achievements. As well people queuing with guild-mates to do it.

    People keep making threads complaining about it on the PvP forums but they keep getting deleted, probably because they degenerate quite fast into arguments between those that are doing it and those on the receiving end.

    I don't mind graveyard camping as a tactic whilst running flags as quickly as possible but I hate people just wanting to spend full duration in a game which could have been over in minutes.

    I'm working on the 100 000 hk achievement on both my 85 Priests and I'd rather get it the "hard" way rather than just steam rolling over people in farming premade.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I love achieves as much as anyone, but all my 34k HK's are obtained "the right way".