Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monk Transmog: Red Crane

Look what I found in the armory! Seruuna is the most fashion-aware monk I've come across so far. She changes transmogs a lot, and they're always fantastic! You should all bookmark her armory profile.

Head: Headband of the Pouncing Tiger
Shoulder: Grim Lasher Shoulderguards
Chest: Imposing Vest
Hands: Wolf Rider's Gloves
Waist: Red Belt of Unspoken Warning (Armory isn't updated with new gear models, so the belt isn't shown. Which is a real shame!)
Legs: Peerless Leggings
Feet: Bard's Boots
Weapon: Staff of Fallen Blossoms (I have also seen her dualweilding two red swords with this transmog)

Tomorrow I'll show another transmog by Seruuna!


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