Sunday, November 4, 2012

Replica Gear Overview

I have over 2000 Darkmoon Prize Tickets spread among my characters, so I think it's about time I start spending some. Couldn't find an easy overview over the available looks, so here goes. The look appears when hovering over the link, but to see it on draenei or other races, you should follow the link and select "View in 3D".


Magister's Regalia
Vestments of the Devout
Dreadmist Raiment
Sorcerer's Regalia
Vestments of the Viruous
Deathmist Raiment


Wildheart Raiment
Shadowcraft Armor
Feralheart Raiment
Darkmantle Armor


Beaststalker Armor
The Elements
Beastmaster Armor
The Five Thunders


Lightforge Armor
Battlegear of Valor
Soulforge Armor
Battlegear of Heroism

I like some of the cloth and plate ones, so might provide a very easy transmog for some alt some time. Not really sold on any of them for now though, luckily there's always next month! :)

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