Tuesday, April 3, 2012

White Polar Bear

I'm working on [Frostbitten] (missing 5), so I was flying through Storm Peaks, looking for Vyragosa. I noticed a blue exclamation mark on my minimap, and decided to dive down and do the daily quest for The Blue Ladies of Storm Peaks. Finished the quest, got my bag of Hyldnir Spoils, opened it, saw something with purple colour. Eyes widened, jaw dropped, did I actually just go ahead and get myself a [Reins of the White Polar Bear]?! I don't know how many times I must have done that daily back then! :)

Draenei hunter Laeleiweyn with Skoll and White Polar Bear


  1. Anonymous3/4/12 22:44

    I thought that mount was taken out of the game!! I must get that to match my bear, White Lady! Love the SS too :D

  2. Hehe Sesamee, I almost didn't believe the mount existed at all. :)