Monday, September 2, 2013

Druid Week: Summary

When Druid Week started, I had two goals for my Lilliel:
  1. Change spec from boomkin to feral
  2. Get to level 90
Changing spec was the right decision for me. I was able to kill things as boomkin and it's an interesting spec, I was just not very good at it. I'm not that good as feral either, but I'm at least finding it a bit more fun. Having considered myself a ranged DPS in previous expansions, I'm now more of a melee player. I sent Lilliel a Spear of Xuen and off she went to the Adventurer's Supplies in Townlong Steppes to get feral gear. Really love the implementation of Adventurer's Supplies!

Lilliel was 88 when I started playing her this week. I quested in Kun-Lai Summit together with my guildie until she was 89, and then it was off to Dread Wastes. I don't know why, but 89 seems so quick compared to 87 and 88. A couple of hours of questing on Wednesday and she was 90 already!

I'm sorry to say that since Lilliel was my 9th 90, the only thing she's done as 90 is Attumen (give me my freaking mount already!) and Darkmoon Faire for 5 skillpoints in First Aid... All the previous 90's have at least worked on Tillers reputation to get the 16 plots on the farm, but as I am finally rid of the "must do the farm on all characters every single day"-feelings, she has not even done that. That doesn't mean it was a waste to get her to 90! I'm intending to have all classes at 90 before next expansion, so that I can freely choose which ones to level first. I don't expect to change favorites at this time, but it has happened before. :)

Hope you all enjoyed Druid Week! On to Hunter Week. :)


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