Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mage Week: Summary

The poor mages had to share week with another class named "patch". ;-) A lot of bloggers still found some time to show the mages some appreciation, although after hunter week the amount of posts declined a bit. After reading these posts, it seems to me that I'm not the only one that don't feel like I have the arcane, fire and frost magics under control.

#MageWeek (9 Sep - 15 Sep)

Admiring Azeroth: Alt Appreciation #MageWeek

All the rest: Alt Appreciation – Mage Week

Altoholic Anonymous: Alt Appreciation #Mageweek

Awaiting the Muse: Alt Appreciation #MageWeek

Azeroth Life: Alt Week – Mage

Harpy's Nest: Mad about Mages

Kal's Corner: Mage Week: Kaldwell

Kamalia et alia: a menagerie of mage ‘mogs

Mr and Mrs WoW: Alt Appreciation – Mage Week

Neir Approves: Some Love For My Under-Appreciated Mage

Plenty of Paladins:
Alt Appreciation Week: Mages
Mage Week Recap

Pretty Fly for a Draenei: Super Spectacular Arcane Mage Mog

Ravyn's Reliquary: Alt Appreciation: The Many Faces of my Mage

Reputation Grind: Alt Week: Mage

Rinike's Wardrobe:
#MageWeek Day 1
End of #MageWeek

Saisa Says...: Mei I introduce Meilin :)

Saragosa's Lair: Rituals of Power (Mage Week)

She Rides Dragons: Say Hello to Fyzz - My New Mage

Slash Afk: Mage Appreciation Week: PVP And Me

Spellbound: Mage Week: Wittle

Syrco Owl: Alt Appreciation: Mage week

The Pixel Lives of Lorelei: Alt Appreciation in WoW: Mage Week

Through Wiping, We Learn: Alt Appreciation : Mage

To All The Squirrels: Alt Appreciation - #mageweek

Vault of Light: Alt Appreiciation Week Four - Mage.

World of Lae: Mage Week

You Yank It, You Tank It: #MageWeek

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  1. I really appreciate the summaries. I try to catch as many as I can through the week, but I miss some.