Friday, September 27, 2013

Monk Week: Shunbi

Meet Shunbi, my third monk!

Shunbi is an alternative way of spelling Jun-bi (pronounced Sho-n-bi. Sorry, I don't really know phonetics.) It has a meaning of "get ready" in Korean, and it's used as a command in Tae Kwon Do. Her name isn't really about the meaning of the word, it's me wanting to honor my noob martial arts past in some way. :)

When I wrote Kinlai's post a week ago, Shunbi was level 67. She is now 86, so things are moving forward. Shunbi is pretty much the reason all my monk posts are published late in paladin week. :)

Unlike Kinlai that got bumped to 80 in less than 20 minutes and then leveled to 90 in 5 days, and Ninasan that leveld 1-90 in 13 days, Shunbi has had a semi-slow leveling experience. I started her 21 days ago, and filled her up with (cloth) heirlooms. I quested to level 10, but since then I've done battlegrounds, mining and herbing. Done some fishing and cooking, and some pet battles here and there. Since Outlands I've done dungeons too cause the battleground-queues were over 45 minutes. I've done all this as a Mistweaver! Yes, you heard right! I, the PVE-oriented DPS/tank, have been healing PVP. It's crazy!

Lumber Mill is MINE!

Mistweaving is actually pretty fun. :) And I found the way they've introduced the spells along the way to be very good. It started very easy at level 10; I had one channeled healing spell that cost mana. Slowly, and with plenty of time to getting used to them, I've been getting more and more healing spells. The second one was a shortlasting HOT that cost Chi. Third was a strong boost-heal that cost Chi. Then I got a longlasting HOT that spreads to 2 other players that cost mana. I got a strong absorb-bubble which I like to use for myself (doing PVP and being first target as healer). I then got an AOE heal that cost Chi that heals everyone that has the longlasting HOT on them. And finally I got a cooldown heal that is really strong.

Through the levels mana hasn't been an issue in dungeons, but now at 86 I'm having a bit of difficulty with it. I use the Mana Tea, but it's still not enough. So I carry a lot of drinks, and I'm getting used to sitting down and drinking as soon as I'm out of combat. I'm not sure if I do something wrong, or if it's like this for any healer.

As a noob PVP-healer, I have learned a couple of things:
  • As you get higher in level, the other team is getting better at focusing down healers, aka you. :-/
  • If you rush somewhere together with others that are in stealth, don't be surprised if everyone attacks you... xD
  • Your teammates won't protect you. They'll hide behind you, ignore everyone that attacks/stuns/CCs you while complain "where are my heals?". They'll rush to leave bases, leaving you to defend them instead of helping healing the ones attacking new ones. Oh, and you might become grumpy. xD
  • Mistweavers can kill rogues, warriors, hunters, mages, shamans etc as long as it's 1vs1, and sometimes 1v2. The first 50 % of their health they're still shocked that there's a healer punching them in the face. It gets even easier after we get our Serpent Statue.
  • Killing other healers are trickier.
  • This being my third monk, I had some advantages in knowing Ring of Peace, Grapple Weapon, Disable, Paralysis, Spear Hand Strike, Nimble Brew, Fortifying Brew, Tiger's Lust. Learn their keybinds and use these!
  • At level 77 you can start equipping Cataclysm-greens. You should do this, as it will more than double your health and other stats. The same goes for Mists-greens and blues, at the latest get them at level 85.
When Shunbi gets 90 I'll probably try to heal raid finder for first time (insta-queue?). And perhaps I'll try to do some PVP-achievements that I'm missing, and/or try Windwalker/Brewmaster in PVP. :)


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  1. I've found a lot of those same things while PVPing. Poor Vaelanys ends up alone and defending bases very often. I might have to look into the Cata and Mists greens when he gets up high enought. I hadn't even thought of that!
    Sounds like you're having fun with Shunbi and hope you'll have fun healing LFR. I've done a few on Tai and it really wasn't too bad. :)