Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hunter Week: Summary

Hunter Week was a great success! 70, SEVENTY, blog posts about hunters! Wow... And that's just the ones that I found. Some people took the ball and just ran with it! The Godmother made two new hunter alts, letting Twitter decide on faction/race and made an all-hunter horde guild on Draenor EU. Many people had several posts in them about their hunters, and there was a lot of proud posts with lots of feelings. This is not a contest, but if it was, hunters would be in the lead...

#HunterWeek (2 Sep - 8 Sep)

Admiring Azeroth:
Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 1: Introducing Oogleme!
Friday Fun-Run & #HunterWeek Part 2: BM Spec.
Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek Part 3: Jojomoo

All Kinds of Chips: The Master Post of Izzy Hunter-dom

All the rest: Alt Appreciation – Hunter Week

68 Guns
HUNTER WEEK :: Getting To Know You
HUNTER WEEK :: Kemosabe
HUNTER WEEK :: The Luckiest
HUNTER WEEK :: Guns and Horses
HUNTER WEEK :: The Eton Rifles
HUNTER WEEK :: A Girl and His Cat

Altoholic Anonymous:
Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek
A-Raiding We Will Go!

Awaiting the Muse: Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek

Azeroth Life: Alt Appreciation Week – Hunter

Batinna: Alt Appreciation – #HunterWeek

Bits of Fluff: Say hello to Feeblemind!

El Dobablo: #Hunter Week

Frost and Claws: Alt Appreciation Week - Hunter

Ghemit the Hunter: Hunter Week (aka best week EVER)

Harpy's Nest:
A Rose by any other name…
I daren’t go a-hunting

Hunter DPS: Kheldul and I

Kal's Corner: Hunter Week: Mega Post

Kamalia et alia: a hunting we will go

Looking for quest: Hunters Week :Alt Appreciation week 3

Mog's Addiction:
On the Hunt(er)
The Wild Hunt Roundup

Hunter Appreciation Week - The Introduction
Hunter Appreciation Week - Thelandira
Hunter Appreciation Week - Shee
Hunter Appreciation Week - Jstmel

Mr and Mrs WoW: Alt Appreciation – Hunter Week

Neri Approves: A Hunter Appreciation Week Confession

Plenty of Paladins:
Alt Appreciation Week: Hunters
Day 3 and Hunter Week Continued
Day 4 and more Hunter Week
Day 5 and Hunter Week: Haath and Zakuli
Day 6 and yet more Hunter Week
Of Hunters and Mogs
Hunter Week Recap

Reputation Grind: Alt Week: Hunter

Rinike's Wardrobe:
First day of #HunterWeek
#HunterWeek day 2
#HunterWeek DAY 3 transmog
Noticeable Hunters #HunterWeek
End of #HunterWeek

Saragosa's Lair: Steadying Your Shot (Hunter Week)

She Rides Dragons: Alt Appreciation Week - Hunter-time!

Sicarios: Alt appreciation – #HuntersWeek

Syrco Owl:
Alt Appreciation: Hunter week
The hunter project

That Was an Accident!: Hunter Appreciation Week: TAME ALL THE THINGS

The Brew Hall: It’s a Bad Week to be a Druid!

The Exodar Sisters: Zed, the well behaved Raptor

The Nonna Project: Alt Appreciation Project: Hunter

The Pixel Lives of Lorelei:
Alt Appreciation in WoW: Hunter Week Part 1 – My Secret Love
Alt Appreciation in WoW: Hunter Week Part 2 – Pets, pets, pets!

Through Wiping, We Learn: Alt Appreciation : Hunters

To All The Squirrels: Alt Appreciation - #hunterweek

Vault of Light: Alt Appreciation Week Three - Hunter

Work in progress: That’s a hunter weapon!! #hunterweek #warcraft

World of Lae: Hunter Week

You Yank It, You Tank It:
#HunterWeek Hunter Appreciation Week
#HunterWeek Part 2 – Our Raiders

Zazzy Mogs: Alt Appreciation: The Hunter Wannabe

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