Friday, September 27, 2013

Monk Week: Ninasan

It's paladin week, so what better time to introduce Ninasan, my second monk? ;)

The first name I had decided on for Kinlai was Ninasol. I wanted to use the name "Nina" as a tribute to a female norwegian Tae Kwon Do-athlete that I admire a lot. Eventually I decided the name felt wrong, and she ended up as Kinlai. Two months ago I decided I wanted to level a second monk. Kinlai had never leveled 1-80, and it was about time to experience the lower levels as a monk! Still wanting to use "Nina", I landed on Ninasan. Like Daniel-san from Karate Kid.

Ninasan is my only character on the Eonar-server. She isn't too lonely over there though, because she is in the guild Alias, a guild that my guild befriended a couple of months ago. We actually met Alias in Throne of Thunder raid finder, when both our guilds were having "raid finder nights". I added their GM's Battle Tag, and we continued to do "raid finder fridays" together with them. Now in 5.4, we've been doing flex raids fridays and saturdays together, and actually been raiding with 25 people! They're great people, and it's nice to have Ninasan in a safe place. :)

I like big hammers, and I can not lie...

No, Mishka, nooooo!!!

I didn't have heirlooms for her, but the leveling went very quick. She leveled mostly as Windwalker, as I miss that spec after Kinlai changed to tank. I also tanked some dungeons here and there when the queues were getting too long. I soloed half of Zul'Farrak in Brewmaster-spec after everyone left after the last boss when I was in there. I did my usual leveling thing; starting in Azuremyst and Bloodmyst, and queueing for specific dungeons to get all dungeon quests done, and also to not have to see each dungeon more than one time. After 13 days she was 90! She spent a couple of days at level 90 to gear up; she did all raid finders and world bosses, and very quickly was over 500 item level. But then the same thing happened to her as all my other alts... It is so sad! But they inevitably reach the end station. After playing them almost every day for weeks, suddenly there is nothing left to do with them. :'(

Darkmoon Faire Top Hat is awsome

Except for Saturday two weeks ago! Kinlai had done flex part 1 on friday, but there were people that wanted to go on saturday as well. Instead of taking Kinlai through a second time, I brought Ninasan in as tank. :) There's a huge difference between tanking on a 540-geared monk with legendaries and set bonuses, and a 500-geared monk with neither! Ninasan has lower haste, so the energy regen was noticeable worse. Her health was jumping up and down, she felt so much squishier! Scary experience, but she came out of it with the white robe she wears in the top picture. :)

How do you handle alts that are max level? Do you try to play all of them now and then, or do you let them rest until next level jump?



  1. Anonymous27/9/13 19:17

    I have my alts in my gold-cooperation, taking over the world with my main Gnome at the steering! ;)

  2. so pretty!<3 I love that hat :D willy wonka style ;P

  3. Awesome to meet your second monk! You're really making me want to put more leveling time in on my brewmaster and try windwalker now :D
    At max level what goes on with my alts really tends to depend on what they are. My main gets the LFR time for the most part, but I honestly spend a great deal of time on Tai and Rim too. Then my Alliance alt gets logged to see the Ally side of everything, so I've got a group of four I play fairly regularly. (One of each role, actually. Melee dps for the main, tank, heals, and the ally is ranged dps) Other alts mostly tend to get logged or played only as professions or mood demand it.

  4. It's great having the same class for alts, since you can master a specialization per monk. The downside is getting each of them to a level of gear quality and transmogrification that you are ultimately happy with. That has been my dilemma, as of late. Hopefully, she gets the love and attention that Kinlai receives.

    I handle it, well, somewhat poorly between my 3+ warriors. I want to play them all, all of the time. I also want them to all have the shiny bits from the Raid Finder drops. For me, it's really diluted my focus. I have 3 wonderful warriors, but I give them each about 30% of my time, so none of them is up to the level any one of them should be at. I am currently working on refocusing each character to their suited tasks, but it's an uphill battle. :p