Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hunter Gear

There was a series of blog posts several months ago regarding "do you show off your geekness?". I'm slow, so here's my post finally :)

Yes, I mention World of Warcraft to my coworkers. My screen saver at work is the picture to the right; United Hunters of Azeroth, which I made for my post about The Hunter Faction. And I wear t-shirts under my lab coat. I have several from the WHU store; Awesomesauce + more. And I often borrow Ponder's Pure Pwnage "OMFG STFU"-t-shirt, which is especially nice if my mood is bad.

At home I have a big poster and a statue of Lae. The poster is from PrintWarcraft and shows her in tier 10, Argent Crusader's Tabard, with a big white wolf* and the draenei crest. The statue is from FigurePrints and shows her in tier 12. The choice in gear wasn't based on preference, more to show when I placed the orders.

I like all the things I have. BUT I'm also supposed to be a grown-up. So I wish there were more subtle ways of showing where you "belong". I can picture a toned down necklace with an arrow or arrowhead. A bracelet based off of the most beautiful weapon ever to exist; Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury. Other things that are more subtle are mugs ofc, but I don't drink coffee. ;) And then there's key chains and the amazing thong from the WHU store (follow link below to see picture). (Sorry Frostheim, but ewwww. xD) From time to time I'm pondering the idea of actually getting someone to design a motive for me, that I could then get someone else to add to a bag or t-shirt or something. Grey bag with green circle with a black silhouette of Lae aiming her weapon? Could work. :)

How do you show off your inner/outer geek? Do you have any ideas or tips where one might find more subtle clothing?


* Wolf was default pet in WOTLK cause of Furious Howl.

I've pulled some pictures of hunter gear from various sites.

Warcraft Hunters Union - The Store




First, I wanna say I have never heard of this website before. So I haven't checked if it's a safe one. If you should know otherwise, please inform me so I can remove this.

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