Friday, April 20, 2012

Why is it called Invincible if you can see it?

I apologize for the troll line in the header; I can't help appreciate the classic ones, even though I don't troll trade myself (see some of my favorites in Leveling Without Heirlooms).

We're a small group of people in my guild who would like some of the items that are obtainable from Lich King when someone acquired Shadowmourne. And some are interested in Shadowmourne too of course. So I thought I'd make an overview over how much time we would need, and we'll see if that's something we want to do.

Personally I really want the mount and the tabard. The locket, the music box and the frost dwarf transformation would be nice bonuses too.

Seeing that it will take 21 clears to get four Shadowmournes, I realise this might be a bit too heavy... Especially since we will probably want to bring more people than us 5. Here it is anyway. :)

  1. The Sacred and the Corrupt
    Light's Vengeance. Obtained out of raid; in Dragonblight at 74, 23.
    25 Primordial Saronite. 266 Justice Points each (6650 for all 25).
    Festergut's Acidic Blood from Festergut 25.
    Rotface's Acidic Blood from Rotface 25.
  2. Shadow's Edge
    Shadow's Edge 
  3. A Feast of Souls
    Must have Shadow's Edge equipped to gather souls. Must do damage to the targets to gather their soul. Must be alive to gather souls. Can "tag" mobs/bosses with Shadow's Edge, and then switch to a better weapon.
  4. Unholy Infusion
    Become the abomination. There will be a new button in the "vehicle"; Shadow Infusion. This ability can only be used once you have gathered 100 energy. Use the Shadow Infusion ability when the boss is around 40% health. Make sure to have the axe equipped when you are in the abomination.
  5. Blood Infusion
    You need to be targeted by Blood Mirror (either tank or be the closest person to the tank). You need to be bitten, and you need to bite someone else 3 times.
  6. Frost Infusion
    Stack the debuff to 4 before killing the boss. The debuff lasts for 2 minutes.
  7. The Splintered Throne
    Requires 50 Shadowfrost Shard. Higher drop rate on heroic. It's not necessary to have Shadow's Edge equipped while on the quest, having it in your bags is enough.
  8. Shadowmourne...
    Rewards Shadowmourne
  9. The Lich King's Last Stand
    The person with Shadowmourne can loot Sealed Chest from the Lich King 25 when on this quest (only one time). The Sealed Chest starts the next quest:
  10. Personal Property
    Rewards Unsealed Chest which contains

Time Spent

WeekCharacter 1Character 2Character 3Character 4
1Quest 1: Clear Festergut and Putricide.
Quest 2.
Quest 3: Try to get 50 souls without Putricide, Blood-Queen and Sindragosa.
Quest 4: Putricide.
Quest 5: Blood-Queen.
Quest 6: Sindragosa.
Quest 7: Lich King.

2Quest 7Quest 1-6

3Quest 7
Quest 1-6
4Quest 7

Quest 1-6
5Quest 7

6Quest 8, 9 and 10?Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 8, 9 and 10?Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 8, 9 and 10?Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 7

Quest 8, 9 and 10?


  1. Our guild has been working on our first (and probably only) Shadowmourne. It's been a long slog! I can't imagine doing it at level. We're on our last stage, though! 49 shards to go! Our biggest issue has been lack of participation. It turns out you can't really kill Sindy with nine people in the raid group if five of them are ice blocks.

    You'd be welcome to come along, of course, if not for that whole Europe thing :P

    1. I was actually considering doing the runs with 5 people until I saw your comment. It would be 5 people frost-tombed, and my pet rescuing all. xD

      We did Naxx and OS 25 the other day, it's really nice to do those kind of things together. :)

      I would have loved to come with you on some fun-runs, damn those region restrictions!