Saturday, April 21, 2012

Suggestion submitted: More room on ignore list

There's some new features in the in-game Customer Support; among them "Submit Suggestion" which I used for the first time today.

Here's what I wrote (following the "list" they had):

- The social part of game play: the /ignore function.
- Harassment, being upset.
- In a fun and fair way; I would like to be able to ignore more people then what I can now. My ignore list is currently full. I don't know if it's me that is particularly sensitive, but I've been playing for almost 5 years and it's filled up. For an actual example; I received some whispers 14:46-14:53 server time today Saturday. I would very much like to not get them, but I can't ignore the person.


I don't know if those evaluating the suggestion will actually check the whispers. But I've added them in this post to show what I want to ignore. I love the addon WIM to be able to copy-past whisper history in both text, html and BBC code. It's really really a good feature.


14:46 Random Player: hey, is there any officers online??
14:46 Laeleiweyn: im the guild master
14:46 Random Player: ahhh hello there!!
14:46 Laeleiweyn: hi
14:46 Random Player: i was wondering wether i could join your guild!
14:47 Laeleiweyn: no, im afraid you cant :)
14:47 Laeleiweyn: we're not recruiting, and we're not accepting socials either
14:47 Laeleiweyn: so im sorry, but i wish you the best of luck out there :)
14:47 Random Player: oh right
14:48 Random Player: well im a good player, i used to play with Random Guild Member and started again
14:48 Random Player: its not really too much of a problem having one more decent player on your team is it?
14:49 Random Player: i can tank dps and heal
14:49 Laeleiweyn: sorry, i said no
14:50 Random Player: lol wanker
14:50 Random Player: i remember why i stopped playing now
14:50 Random Player: idiots like you mate
14:51 Laeleiweyn: and i remember why we dont accept everyone into the guild
14:51 Random Player: well tbh mate, its not a problem is it just to invite someone so they can play with their mates and make new friends
14:51 Random Player: as it is just a game
14:52 Random Player: your power tripping mate
14:53 Random Player: but if you wanna be a dick its up to you
14:53 Random Player: cant change that can you

Insecure and sensitive I of course wonder "should I have been more polite?" and "was I too dismissive?". And I can't secure myself against more whispers, cause there's noone on my ignore list I dare take off it.

Don't be mean people. :/



  1. You did absolutely what you should have done. His behavior shows that he's an entitled, immature control freak who can't take rejection. And best you know that without him wearing your guild name over his head.

    As for the larger ignore lists I agree. Mine is mostly filled up with the names of people who yell sexist/racist things etc and people I've had the misfortune of grouping with in randoms and LFR.

    I will say that the /ignore feature is much better than it once was. During classic there was a particularly crazy woman who was so threatened by me that she made death threats and I had to ignore on all her alts individually.

    Try to not let the ramblings of that (or any) individual get you down. Judging by his behavior even if you had allowed him in as a social member he would have been causing trouble later wanting a raid spot.

    1. Bah, I'm unfortunately built that way that these things get me down. Support and kind words from others help though, so thank you very much. :)
      I'm considering getting an officer called "The Butcher" or something, that all external people can talk to. xD Then I can just sit in my tower and believe that the world is a nice sunny place. :)