Saturday, April 14, 2012


Being an achievement-hunter, or nerdpoints as Kia and Dhevon calls them, one day last week I was checking out my Achievement-tab trying to plan how I should spend my time in-game between the raids.

Quests maxed.
Reputation maxed.
Player vs. Player 55 % complete.
Dungeons & Raids 82 % complete.
General almost maxed; Got My Mind On My Money is the only one missing, and that will just have to happen by itself.
Exploration almost maxed; I'm working on the last one, which is Frostbitten (Aotona and Vyrygosa left).
World Events almost maxed; only ones missing are some of the Midsummer ones (the ones added in Northrend and Cataclysm). Will have to wait until June.
Professions almost maxed; the only one missing was Turtles All the Way Down. I fished plenty both in Wrath of the Lich King and also in Cataclysm; it's almost a personal insult that I don't have this one yet!

So I went for it. I've been fishing for hours every day for over a week. I've sold Fathom Eel at Auction House for between 10-20k gold. And with the 12880th total* fish caught there was a Sea Turtle. :)

I'm really really happy! We can certainly complain about grinds; 500 eggs for a somewhat ugly and naked white bird. But grinding random drops is really worse. After killing hundreds of innocent and neutral cute little foxes in Tol Barad I still don't have a Fox Kit for example... But now I have a turtle! :)

Of course, now I'm a bit stuck on the achievements. I'm having an off-period with PVP, and Dungeons and Raids require others to cooperate with me, so I'll postpone it until I feel like planning.

Happy-Lae :)

* Total, not from this week.


  1. Grats on the turtle! I should try my hand at that one. Though if my luck with the Sewer Rat in Dalaran is any indication of my luck, I best not hold my breath.

  2. Congratulations!! :D

    I'm was looking into hunting one up myself and the droprate odds are downright terrifying! Congrats for beating them!! *Kermit cheers*

  3. Make a sexy fishing out fit next

  4. Thank you guys. :) It was a great thing to finally get, after fishing for "2" years!

  5. Anonymous22/4/12 22:59

    Gratz again Lae :D but are'nt the eel's innocent too like the fox? ;)


    1. Ty Tass. :) And no, the Eels are very happy, cause they get to attend a feast. :)