Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hunter UI's

I've compiled some pictures and links to Cataclysm hunter UI's. They're from hunters I'm stalking and from WoW Insider's Reader UI of the Week. Yes, another post with no real creativity from me. But finding the pictures was a lot of hard work, I promise. Phew. I'm very interested in UI's and keybindings these days, want something new for Mists of Pandaria. If you see something you like, click names for link to article or blog. :)

Edited already (23 Apr 2012), as Garwulf has updated GarUI.

Bigredkitty  30 Dec 2011

Darkbrew  25 Feb 2012
It's totally random that the screenshot is from when Euripides disengaged off of Deathwing...

Huntsman's Lodge has a lot of great UI-content; GarUI which is a downloadable UI pack. In addition Huntsman's Lodge contains lots of macros, power auras etc.

Kheldul  18 Nov 2011

Kia  15 Feb 2012

Peregrina  29 Dec 2011

Sesamee 3 May 2012

Zanbon  2 May 2012

Devai  24 Jul 2011

Kruf  29 Mar 2010

Dabears  14th September 2011

Stolen from WoW Insider

Vondak  17 Apr 2012

Rinjichan  6 Mar 2012

Deadpool  21 Feb 2012

Sigkill  1 Nov 2011

Ardor  26 Jul 2011

Kahle  5 Jul 2011

Elleyna  7 Jun 2011

Jeska  29 Mar 2011


Laeleiweyn  06 Oct 2011
This was the last screenshot I took in combat. It's pretty much the same now. Out of combat there is also Raid Buff Status visible (cause I raid lead), and there are four bars that are only visible on mouseover (professions, outfitter, etc).

Looking at my own, I'm happy with buffs, unit frames, minimap, combat text, DBM (which doesn't show), recount, healbot, titan panel and inventory. What I want to work with is to redo Bartender when I start the key binding project, I need new Power Auras for some of my procs, I'm gonna remove the timer on the right, Omen I think I can get rid off after the tanking changes (I see who has threat on Healbot anyway) and I'm gonna move serenity a bit I think. Probably down. I don't like borders, I like transparent, so I'll probably keep much the same. I see I have much room to left and right, would perhaps be an idea to have some stuff over there.



  1. Awesome work Lae! I think we all like to check out how other hunters set up their rigs, so this is a great post for contrast :)
    I'll have to get around to throwing mine up eventually :P
    But TellMeWhen - fantastic addon if you don't already use it.. I use it across all my alts and it is great for tracking buffs, target debuffs, cds... tis great.
    Your cast bar looks like the default one?

    1. Perhaps I should check out TellMeWhen. Power Auras, Serenity and Mik's Scrolling Combat Text should be able to keep me up to date, but I'll take a look. Before I started raidleading (1,5 years ago) I used a lot of sound alerts, but now that I'm talking all the time I miss out on those. xD

      Default cast bar, I should have figured. :) It's been so long since I played with default UI intact, so I don't even recognize it. Thinking of getting Quartz cast bar or something.

      Looking forward to seeing your UI. :)

  2. This is exactly the kind of thing I believe folks are looking for! Thank you! Greatly appreciate the ones that label the addons used!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, and I'm very happy you feel like you're getting something out of it. :)