Monday, August 20, 2012

A realistic look at monk leveling speed

A post not concerned with the simple life of a monk, but how to get said monk to level 90 as soon as possible when there are time constraints!

I have a goal to do Coren Direbrew with my monk, to get myself some nice trinkets to start out with. Coren Direbrew will be available from level 89, and the last day of Brewfest is around October 12th, which sets the time frame:

From level 1 to 89 in 17 days

I have a character that I resently leveled to 84. She has a total /played of 116 hours. I'm gonna assume that I leveled this character slow (she had a 2 year break at level 47 for example); spending time on professions and hanging around in cities. So the monk will definitely be quicker. But as a worst case it could take me 115 hours to reach 84. Adding 20 hours for 85-89, the number to beat is 135.

135 hours divided on 17 days equals 8 hours a day. With a daytime job and a main that wants to explore and experience Pandaria, the plan I had when I started the post will actually not work. I will either have to do a Recruit-A-Friend to myself, which I don't feel like, or just settle with the fact that my monk won't be ready the first month. :-(

Are you gonna level a monk from release? Quick or slow? Recruit-a-friend or not? As your new main or as an alt?

36 days to go!


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