Saturday, August 11, 2012

Siberian Tiger God NOT a Spirit Beast

I was hoping this beautiful cat that was datamined back in March would become one of the new Spirit Beasts.

I was testing at the training dummies on the beta tonight, and suddenly saw him fighting next to me. "Oh yay, it IS tameable!" I thought to myself, the split second it took before I realised it's tooltip said "SomeGuy's Guardian", and not "SomeGuy's Pet". That SomeGuy was a monk... And I have now tracked it back to a level 90 talent: "Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger". It's on a 3 min cooldown, and lasts for 45 sec.



  1. I remember thinking the same thing on the beta until I saw him in the Temple of the White Tiger and then in a dungeon... =/

    1. I actually summon this guy several times a week now, and after getting to know the August Celestials, I'm thrilled to be able to do so. AND to wear his relic as my trinket on both hunter and monk. :) He sure is beautiful...