Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monk Transmog: Assassination Armor

The Assassination Armor set is a dungeon set from Burning Crusade. It's not too fancy, but it's a monk we're dressing up after all. The set is popular among the rogues, but for the monks and the draenei it's a totally new look! :)

After the Discovery Armor set, this is my second favorite. I've browsed through a lot of sets on Wowhead, but there may still be unfound gems out there!

As always I will make sure to use one of my special monk belts (which increases coolness by 100) together with the set. I'm not decided on if I should display the helm or not. I think the helm itself fits monks well with the ninja-look. But I very rarely display helms. Luckily it's only a keyclick. :)

37 days to go!


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