Monday, August 13, 2012

Level 20: Begin Your Training: Master Cheng

Using the spell Zen Pilgrimage, which is learnable at level 20, sends your monk to Shrine of the Ox on Peak of Serenity in Kun-Lai Summit. The shrine is the monk equivalent of Moonglade and Ebon Hold. Once there, you can visit the Monk Trainer to reset your role specialisation if you wish. All spells are learned automatically in Mists of Pandaria, so there are no other reasons to visit the class trainers. In addition to monk trainers, there are profession trainers, so it might prove a handy place to visit regularly, as Zen Pilgrimage only has a 30 min cooldown. There's also repair vendors, and a vendor that sells monk gear and weapons that are rewarded for monk-specific quests. When you're done at Peak of Serenity, you can use Zen Pilgrimage: Return, which will place you where you were before you travelled there, or close.

At level 20, Master Hight gives you a quest: Begin Your Training: Master Cheng. At level 85 this quest grants 104,100 experience without heirlooms, guild or Enlightenment.

Master Cheng (20)
Roll down to the training grounds and find Master Cheng. There are two masters called Cheng, you want the male pandaren furthest away from the building. You tell him that you wish to challenge him. He will then walk to the middle of the training grounds. As he stops and faces you, you can /bow to him. He will then /bow back, turn hostile, and run towards you. During the fight he will use an AOE fire spell which you can Roll out of. I was level 85 when I challenged him, and he was level 20. But he was scaled up to my level in damage and health, so I still had to pay attention to what I was doing. When defeated he says "Well done. Remember that swiftness of mind and body can keep you alive."

When you hand in the quest to Master Hight, you get a one hour long buff called Enlightenment. This buff gives you 50 % more experience from quests and kills. You can also choose between two staffs; one for healing and one for damage and tanking. I'm definitely keeping mine for transmogging!

After handing in the quest, a daily quest becomes available: Practice Makes Perfect: Master Cheng. As level 85, with the 50 % Enlightenment buff, this quest gives 156,150 experience. Without the buff that would have been 104,100 experience, the same as the initial quest. What I've found is that Enlightenment can stack two times, so the second quest will give an additional hour. Never do more than 2 quests at the same time though!

43 days to go!


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