Friday, August 17, 2012

Monk Transmog: Discovery Armor

There has never been any leatherwearers among the draenei before, so that's one more thing to be excited  for about the monk class! :) I've been eagerly browsing leather sets over at Wowhead, and although a lot of the leather gear is either too druidy or too roguey, I found some gems that will be fitting for monks!

The Discovery Armor Transmog Set is the set I chose for my header image. It's available in black, green and red. All pieces are green quality quest rewards from level 40 to 50 zones. The bare arms and the gloves give a cool street fighter-look.

I'm planning on always transmogging my belts into one of the monk belts I've mentioned in my posts about the class quests at the Peak of Serenity.

When I eventually acquire the set in game, I won't be displaying the helm (aka the neck collar).

I think fist weapons and/or Glyph of Jab would be a good match to the set. I do hope more fist weapon-models will be added with monks, as there aren't that many choices now. Some cool-looking handwraps perhaps? :) The level 20 staff will also be a model I'm gonna use a lot to many different outfits.

Only 39 days to go!


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