Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Choosing professions for my monk

As most other people that are planning on playing a monk, I have several characters at current max level and all professions covered already. Initially my idea was to go with Herbalism and Mining because of the extra experience gained during leveling. Mining is a fair profession for a tank, and Herbalism has the heal that used together with for example Guard could prove to be fair as well. But, already before starting the monk, I can feel that she will be an important character. So perhaps I should maximise her professions to get more joy out of it? Additionally I've done the "Recruit A Friend"-thing now, so the leveling of the monk will only be from 80 to 90.

How to decide what professions are the best ones for me? My monk will be Brewmaster and Windwalker, probably Brewmaster as mainspec, but I'm keeping the door open for Windwalker as well.

Herbalism20 sec haste and heal on use (2 min cd)Easy to level, but of all the professions, I feel herbalism has the weakest bonus. The haste is probably good for Windwalkers and Mistweavers, while a Brewmaster could use the heal together with Guard to get more out of it.No
Easy to level. Extra HP is good, but Windwalkers and Mistweavers don't want it if it means sacrificing other stats.
Easy to level. Crit will be good, if not best, for both Windwalkers and Mistweavers. Crit isn't really a go-to stat for most tanks, but when the Brewmaster's autoattacks crit, she gains stacks of Elusive Brew (on use dodge). There is also a satisfaction in getting rid of all of the mess after you grinded a pile of gorillas...
AlchemyMixology (increased stats and duration from flasks and elixirs)
Alchemy is OK-ish to level. Using flasks will grant the monk extra primary stats. Using elixirs will probably only be viable for Brewmasters, as the Guardian Elixirs aren't very useful for Windwalkers and Mistweavers. Brewmasters can go for a stamina- or agility-flask, or pair a dodge- or armor guardian elixir with a mastery battle elixir. For those that take full advantage of their professions, I've heard it's a benefit having several alchemists doing transmutes.
BlacksmithingExtra socket on bracers and gloves
Blacksmithing is not easy to level. It takes a lot of materials! The bonus gives very good flexibility when it comes for taste in stats for all three specs. But as a personal flavour-thing; I don't want Blacksmithing on non-plate characters... (I had it on my hunter in Wrath, and I hated it!)
EnchantingRing enchants
Enchanting is not easy to level, and I assume even worse after Transmogging was introduced. All materials used until the latest expansion's skill level is a waste. (For many other professions you can DE the things you make and sell the enchant mats). The ring enchants are agility, intellect, stamina and strength, so it's not very flexible.
EngineeringCogwheels. Tinkers for gloves, cloak and belt.
Engineering is not easy to level. Like enchanting, most mats used when leveled are completely wasted. It's a very very fun profession though, and I'm happy to have it on my hunter. Parachute Cloak, Nitro Boosts, mailbox, repair bots, and teleport to Azeroth, Outland, Northrend and Pandaria! I think one character with engineering is enough, and I'm not completely sold on "monk engineer", for now at least. (I'm not a roleplayer. But secret roleplayer thoughts got me interested in the monk in the first place.) ;-)
InscriptionShoulder enchant (better than the BOE one)
Inscription is kind of easy to level, and it's very clearly  the newest profession to be added to the game. There is a lot of flexibility in which herbs are used within each herb "tier" as you level it. All the glyphs made while leveling are relevant to other people, and can be sold at Auction House.
JewelcraftingThree jewelcrafting-only gems
Jewelcrafting is not easy to level. From around 200 it's really bad. It's a bit better from 300 actually, when skill points are acquired through single gemcuts. The exclusive gems give a lot of flexibility when it comes to preferred stats.
LeatherworkingFur Lining (bracer enchant)
Leatherworking is not easy to level. It's the only profession that uses leather, and leather can only be acquired by killing and skinning beasts. Auction House can be very lacking in leather on smaller servers. The fur lining gives a boost to agility, intellect, stamina or strength.
TailoringCloak enchant
Tailoring is not easy to level. It's the only profession that uses cloth, and cloth can only be obtained by killing humanoids. The cloak enchant can be either a spirit-proc, intellect-proc or an attack power proc. Not suitable for tanks. And for personal preference, I wouldn't take tailoring on a non-clothie.

So, there we have it. Two solid "yes" and three "maybe"s. I'll let you know if I went for alchemy and inscription, or if I decided otherwise on a whim. :) Let me add that this list is highly personal, and not based on any real theorycrafting. Theorycrafting could say which two would be definitely best depending on spec and stat priority for specific fights. If you want something that could suit either of the three roles, going for the ones marked "yes", "maybe", blacksmithing or engineering would be a safe choice.

Only 35 days to go! :)



  1. If you have all professions covered already I wouldn't go with Inscription, but rather Enchanting. Alchemy is indeed a must - you could get one of each specialty so you can proc everything (pots, elixirs/flasks, transmutes), or just get more transmutes for the easy gold.

    The reason for Enchanting is simply so you can Disenchant BoP and gain some mats while levelling that are bound to be expensive early on in the expansion. Sometimes I die a little inside thinking about how many Abyss Crystals I could have gotten from soloing Naxxramas if I wasn't forced to just vendor the epics :p

    1. I see your point. But I really hate leveling Enchanting! I have it already on two characters, and the "enchant your own bracer 55 times with minor stats", I can't stand it! Would love an update to old professions...

  2. My main spec will be windwalker pve n pvp.
    What profession do you recommend