Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Level 30: Continue Your Training: Master Woo

At level 30, Master Hight at the Peak of Serenity gives you the quest: Continue Your Training: Master Woo.

Roll down to the training grounds and find Master Woo, a female dwarf monk. Tell her that you wish to challenge her. She will then walk to the middle of the training grounds while she says "Sometimes a well timed precision strike is all you need to take down even the toughest of foes". As she stops and faces you, you can /bow to her. She will then /bow back, turn hostile, and run towards you. When defeated she says "Your Power is impressive. I admit defeat."

Master Woo (30)

When you hand in the quest to Master Hight, you get Enlightenment again. This buff gives you 50 % more experience from quests and kills. You can also choose between three yellow belts; one for healing, one for damage and one for tanking.

After handing in the quest, a daily quest becomes available: Practice Makes Perfect: Master WooEnlightenment can stack two times, so the second quest will give an additional hour. Never do more than 2 quests at the same time though!

42 days to go!


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