Saturday, August 18, 2012

Level 60: Continue Your Training: Master Cheng

At level 60, Master Hight at the Peak of Serenity gives you the quest: Continue Your Training: Master Cheng.
Master Cheng (60)

Roll down to the training grounds and find Master Cheng, a female blood elf monk. Tell her that you wish to challenge her. She will then walk to the middle of the training grounds while she says "A well-timed application of force to a pressure point will stop an opponent in their tracks, regardless of what they are doing. Use this to your advantage to avoid dangerous attacks." As she stops and faces you, you can /bow to her. She will then /bow back, turn hostile, and run towards you. During the fight she will start spinning. You should then use Paralysis to stun her. When defeated she says "Your power is impressive. I admit defeat."

When you hand in the quest to Master Hight, you get Enlightenment again. This buff gives you 50 % more experience from quests and kills. You can also choose between two red belts; one for healing and one for damage and tanking.

After handing in the quest, a daily quest becomes available: Practice Makes Perfect: Master ChengEnlightenment can stack two times, so the second quest will give an additional hour. Never do more than 2 quests at the same time though!

38 days to go!


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