Sunday, August 12, 2012

Planning my monk

Name: Ninasol

Named after Nina Solheim, a female Tae Kwon Do athlete. Nina = ninja and sol = sun. I think it fits. :)

Credit for everything in this post should go to Chase from WoW Insider and World of Monkcraft, and the post Preparing for your new monk in particular. This is kind of a checklist for myself, for the heirlooms I am planning on acquiring:

The following aren't implemented yet, so I won't have these from start. But depending on speed of leveling, I might go for them eventually:

The available heirlooms will provide 40 % increased experience, while a level 6+ guild will provide 10 % more. In the next posts I'll show how to get 1 hour with 50 % increased experience every day* in addition to this!

* Depending on implementation, might not be every day. But many days, hopefully. More info in next posts. The buff is called Enlightenment.

Thoughts and basic math on experience

Let's say you need 200 XP to level a level. Killing a boar takes 1 minute, and it offers 10 XP.
  • If you have no guild, no heirlooms and no Enlightenment, you will have to kill 20 boars to get to the next level. This will take you 20 minutes. But if you have rested bonus, you only have to kill 10, taking you 10 minutes!
  • If you have full heirlooms and a guild (50 % experience bonus), each boar will give you 15 XP. You have to kill 13,33 = 14 boars to level, taking you 14 minutes. With rested bonus that's 6,67 = 7 boars, which means it will only take you 7 minutes to level!
  • If you have full heirlooms, a guild and Enlightenment, each boar will give you 20 XP. You have to kill 10 boars to level, which will take you 10 minutes. With rested bonus, that would be only 5 boars, and 5 minutes!
If you don't want to spend too much time in 1-85 zones with your new monk, the lesson is: Get rested, get into a guild, get your heirlooms, and do your dailies! It can lower your your leveling time by 65-75 %!

44 days to go!


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